Kitchen Trends for 2023

Clay Cox, Owner/President Kitchen by Clay

All year long we get questioned as to what’s new in kitchen design this year and it’s a great question because trends are just that…trends. My answer to what’s new in kitchen design may be a bit biased as it is based on the experiences we have while putting together designs for people for their homes here in Southwest Florida.

That said, we are not blind to the trends elsewhere. For example, I’ve recently read articles that suggest some of the new color ideas include painted finishes such as Subtle Pinks, Sophisticated Beiges, and Rich Reds. Unless you are convinced colors like these will bring excitement to your life, please don’t do that. I am convinced that light and white painted finishes will hold on for a long time to come. This has a lot to do with the fact that we live near the water just like the folks who live in Cape Cod, on the Jersey Shore or California coast where white or light-colored kitchens have been and will always be popular with a great resale factor.

In addition, I believe that Plum, Sage Green, or Tangerine finishes may be experimented with but will not be the go-to colors in future kitchens. However, the mention of Dark Wood Kitchens is not far from the happenings for next year. Woods will be lightly stained and wood species like Walnut with a clear coat will take a position as an accent color for a lot more kitchens this year.

The mention of Alder, Hickory and Ash woods in the article are not for us here in Florida. Not yet anyway.

The newest element is texture. Mixing painted finishes with lightly stained grainy woods or man-made textures are quickly becoming part of the latest kitchen designs and will continue to be in the future. It will be common to choose wood for the still popular kitchen island to complement the painted finish on the wall cabinets. Combining painted finishes and stained wood along a feature wall is gaining in popularity as well.

In closing I would like to remind everyone that the kitchen you choose is the one you will live with for many years to come. So, despite the price ranges in your neighborhood or what everyone else seems to be doing I encourage you to do what will please you the most.

Enjoy your home!

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