DAVID LAWRENCE CENTERS LAUNCHES Mind Your Mind Speaker Series in 2023

by Scott Burgess, David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health, President and CEO

Substance use and mental health disorders can make daily activities difficult and impair a person’s ability to work, interact with family, and fulfill other major life functions. These challenges are among the top conditions that cause disability in the United States.

Creating opportunities for awareness and public education about behavioral health challenges can help support prevention and early intervention, reduce crisis situations, and fight stigma.

That’s why David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLC), Collier County’s only comprehensive, not-for-profit behavioral health provider serving children, adults and families, launched the new Mind Your Mind Speaker Series in 2023.

The series provides in-person, educational talks focused on important and relevant topics related to behavioral healthcare.

Attendees will hear from industry experts, share best practices, and learn more information about how to not only address behavioral healthcare needs, but access resources and services. The Speaker Series is open to anyone who wants to learn more about these important topics and who has an interest in investing in and supporting behavioral healthcare for all.

In 2022, DLC launched the community initiative Mind Your Mind. This campaign invites individuals to prioritize their wellbeing, while also addressing the wellbeing of their family, friends, neighbors, and community. DLCMindYourMind.org features curated content from clinical experts and community partners and focuses on important topics related to mental wellness. The Mind Your Mind Speaker Series furthers the initiative and includes quarterly talks throughout 2023.

The series kicks off with a talk on Workplace Wellness and will focus on how to prevent workplace burnout, maintain wellness in the workplace, balance home and work life, and more. Workplace burnout is a signal that our occupational wellness is suffering. The talk aims to educate employees on how workplace burnout affects their overall health and can lead to additional concerns, such as interpersonal conflicts, damage to career trajectory, the use of substances to cope, and other medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

This first talk will be valuable for employers and employees alike. When employees feel they are not supported or being utilized to their full potential by their managerial team, they may lose focus and initiative on their tasks. This can lead to a decrease in their productivity and quality of work – making this important message on employee wellness great for supervisors, managers, and human resources staff. The talk will include a panel discussion from experts from Brown & Brown Insurance, DLC, and HR Collier. The event is being sponsored by HR Collier.

Individual tickets are $20 and can be purchased atDLCenters.org/events. Breakfast or lunch is included in the ticket price, depending on the time of day each presentation is scheduled.

For more information or sponsorship opportunities, e-mail donorcare@dlcenters.org or call 239.354.1419.

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