by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

dianas-article-lady-with-ear-rings-lin-dec-16Christine Hendricks wears Sutra Jewels DIAMOND EARRINGS; COURTESY D’ORAZIO & ASSOCIATES

Sometimes the story is all about the stone. Sometimes it’s all about the designer. But this time we bring you a fusion of Edwardian era motifs interpreted for the very modern lady. The result is a completely new shape of jewelry that is at once appealing but with a surprising twist. The ever luminous Christina Hendricks captured here at a Hollywood event is always at home in her own skin and her femininity. You see her here wearing a newer earring shape that we imagine would look superb on any woman, whether one has long flowing tresses or a pretty short bob. The earrings we love caress the contours of the ear, creating a canvas of bling to cast dazzling light reflections back onto the lovely lady’s face. The detail worked into this design keep the overall look light and delicate. But it makes a big impression. We hope other creative designers will pick up this exciting trend. This modern take on the demi-lune earring shape is by no means new. Ladies from early 20th century and into the 1940s wore a version of this halfcircle shape with both earrings and sweater clips. The 21st century interpretation of that classic form has more fluid lines, is thoroughly sophisticated and pairs perfectly to modern fashion. Ms. Hendricks Sutra earrings are set with champagne diamonds. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t look stunning in champagne diamonds. Their warmth and depth of color complements every skin tone. We often reach for jewelry shapes we’re most familiar with. This out-of-the-ordinary earring stunner is one we all should try – soon. diana-ear-rings-lin-dec-16

ABOUT the author, artist and writer

diana-wining-award-lin-dec-16Popular gem industry writer-author Diana Jarrett accepted an award from the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies for their Editors, Writers, Poets & Illustrator competition, reports the New York Mineralogical Club. Jarrett has already been the recipient of multiple awards as a journalist to the trade and myriad consumer outlets. “I consider you to the Best of the Best in North America,” declared Mark Nelson,Chairman of AFMS Bulletin Editors Advisory Committee. From the nationwide entries,the top 10 winners were announced through the New York Mineralogical Club. Jarrett ranked in the top three of that elite group for her in-depth reportage on the celebrated Russian jeweler, Peter Carl Fabergé – Uncovering Fabergé. “Your accomplishments that placed you as one of the Best in North America are something that should be an example to other bulletin editors in North America,” Nelson told Jarrett.
Jarrett’s distinctive voice in the diamond and gemstone world has made her one of the most sought after journalists in the industry. A prolific contributor to trade and luxury lifestyle outlets for years, she enthuses each audience with the same zeal she has for her topics. Her individualistic approach and easily recognizable take on gem subjects garners a global fan base. Jarrett adapts to each audience whether it be with laboratory reports requiring painstaking precision or her engaging views on trending patterns. A longstanding member of the New York Mineralogical Club (NYMC) founded by legendary 19th century gemologist George Frederick Kunz; her articles have been a fixture in their NYMC Bulletin for over a decade. She’s a graduate gemologist
from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a Registered Master Valuer (RMV) and a member of the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers
(AIJV). Learn more about Diana Jarrett and contact her through her website; Contact Diana Jarrett at and read


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