It’s interesting to hear about the styles of Christmas shopping strategy. It varies from those that start with the July sales, right on up to others who are shopping on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget those panicked individuals who stop by the drug store on Christmas morning, true poster children for Procrastinators Anonymous. Read how some of our locals manage this adventure.


shopping-article-hot-choc-snowman-lin-dec-16I love the concept of buying “the perfect gift” – going out among the crowds and the Christmas music and finding that great deal. My father and I had a long-standing tradition of shopping for my mother on Christmas Eve day. Why he chose this day is beyond me, as we always ended up at the one place where Dad shopped in comfort – the hardware store. Despite my attempts at suggesting a nice pair of pajamas and slippers, my mom got new appliances and she always seemed pleased. I love Pinterest and make most of my Christmas gifts, but usually purchase gift cards for my sons, I am as at home in the electronics store as my dad was in JC Penneys. Shopping online is hit or miss and certainly does not hold the excitement of Christmas Eve day shopping, but you can really find great deals, free shipping and fast delivery. You can always turn Pandora to “Christmas” and make yourself a cup of cocoa to give the experience some holiday cheer.


shopping-madness-shopping-cart-lin-dec-16Christmas is such a blessed holiday for my family and me that I always try to select a gift that will fit the person and one that they would love. It usually is a gift that I would want myself. I almost always shop in the stores rather than online and try not to give a gift certificate unless I am really stuck. I enjoy the hustle and bustle and feeling the holiday spirit of giving. I have two gifts that must be mailed a long way so I do shop online for them because of free shipping.


shopping-madness-shopping-image-lin-dec-16I am a last minute shopper, Christmas Eve type. I only shop for my wife, but it is really fun. I get input from my daughters as to what my wife might like. One daughter sells jewelry, so a quick pick there is easy. Then I hit the street with my other daughter. Usually there is some show in the street or sidewalk. We
usually go to a dress store my wife likes and then to a gift store I like. Everyone is in the mood for Christmas;music playing, bells are ringing and the cash registers are clicking. I really love that part of the season. I am finally shopping and I know it is Christmas.


shopping-madness-gift-cards-lin-dec-16When I buy something for my wife I actually do shop because by the shopping season I know what she has been talking about buying for herself. Long before I have had any thoughts of Christmas, she’s laid out the plan. So when the Christmas season rolls around and if that item is still available, I select it knowing that’s just what she will love. Now depending on when I finally get around to shopping determines if I buy locally or online. Meaning, if my schedules and my procrastination has put me in last minute mode, I definitely go online. It’s tough to figure out what other people want so often I allow them the opportunity to get what they truly want or need, by giving cash or a gift card.


shopping-madness-gift-packages-lin-dec-16Given our family size, and since most of them come from different parts of the world when we gather for Christmas, we have moved away from the traditional gift exchange. Instead we do the White Elephant game.

The way we play it is, everybody must bring only one gift per person and we put all of the gifts in the center of the room. Each person gets to either pick a gift from the pile or grab what someone else has already opened. It’s lot of fun!


shopping-madness-wrapping-gifts-lin-dec-16For Christmas I adore wrapping gifts for my four daughters that have been selected especially for each one.

I watch all year for special items and lovingly pack them into a closet until the holiday season. The thrill of excitement on their faces on Christmas morning makes my heart swell with happiness.



shopping-maddness-ipad-with-gifts-lin-dec-16Life in Naples contributing writer I was an early adapter to the online shopping experience. Since time is money they say – I consider the convenience of shopping late at night or whenever I can fit it in to be a great value-added benefit. Plus I scout for free shipping events which sweetens the deal. Every year I envision myself stocking up on gifts at least 3-4 months prior to Christmas. Sadly, that never happens as the rest of my life sidetracks me from that type of organization. So realistically my holiday shopping occurs within the 30-day period before gift giving.

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