Internet Shopping – Be Aware

Clay Coxby Clay Cox

More and more people are shopping the internet for products which until recently were always supplied locally. Because of this a rash of problems are occurring at job sites.


First to consider is quality. Take a faucet for example. Our Florida water is not very forgiving on our plumbing fixtures. Any plastic or rubber parts are sure to break down in a short period of time. A local contractor knows to be sure that brass construction and ceramic disc cartridges are necessary.

Next is the supervision of the product. Clients expect to buy the products (typically at a perceived discount) and then have them shipped to the job site, yet no provision has been made for the receipt, unpacking and installation of the product. In other words who assumes the responsibility of your purchase? Contractors are paid to supervise, guide and purchase for the client. It is how they make their living. Also, many manufacturers prefer to support brick and mortar businesses knowing that there are professionals guiding the process. It’ not just about the pretty faucet! There are many components required to make it all work properly.

Lastly is the warranty. Using the faucet example again, what happens when the product fails you? When you use a contractor they usually have a defined period of warranty time structured in the contract for what they supply. However, when you supply the product who supplies the warranty? You may have to pay for all to be taken apart and replaced with new at your own expense.

The lesson here is “Buyer – Be Aware.” The most common perception of internet purchases is a cost savings. That may not always be the case! Let your contractor deal with the local professionals that have the experience and expertise to do it once and do it right!
Enjoy your remodel,
Clay Cox
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