Imagine Solutions 2015 Conference

Imagine Solutions Conference 2015

by Kelly Merritt

As the 2015 Imagine Solutions event fast approaches, attendees from last year and years past wonder: what will they think of next? This year, Imagine Solutions has done it
again, creating a thought provoking program that’s sure to do what Imagine Solutions does best: shift the mind to a more productive place.

Inspiration, clarification and solutions regarding the world’s greatest issues are part and parcel every year but this year’s new Mindshifters theme adds yet another layer of credibility and focus to the conference with a group of speakers who are sure to engage and inspire.

“As you plan your season here in Naples you won’t want to miss this event,” says Imagine Solutions CEO Randy Antik. “This is the fifth year and if there is a year you say yes, it’s this one.”

The momentum has been building as people receive the Imagine Solutions monthly e-blast, each featuring one of the speakers or sessions. A recent e-blast featured the RAND Corporation. Planned sessions will include topics like “Big Thinking”, “Big Voices”, “Big Issues / Big Ideas”, “Beyond Amazing” and “Big Bets” among others in reference to healthcare, technology, the arts, change makers and the economy.

Some of the speakers will include four experts from the RAND Corporation; musical and artist genius Usman Riaz; three CEOs of top ranked hospitals including John Noseworthy CEO of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Paul Rothman CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine; Ted Mitchell the Undersecretary of Education; and author Robin Cook. Social entrepreneurs slated to speak include John Crowley of the Global Genes Project; Jenny Bowen of the Half the Sky Foundation, and AARP thought leadership expert Jody Holtzman. A total of 27 speakers have committed to date.

Now is the time to make the move to register early as tickets will go fast.

“If you didn’t know about Imagine Solutions before, you should know about it now because the caliber of our speakers and sessions is unparalleled,” says Antik.


February 23, 2015
8:45 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples
Tickets: $600
Scholarships for non-profit leaders are available for $300.
For more information, visit
or call 214-205-2274 or 214-215-6000.

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