Honor flight is indeed an Honoring Flight

honorflight1The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor Americans Veterans for their service and sacrifices. These American heroes are transported to Washington D.C. to visit, and reflect at their memorials while connecting with other Veterans.

I recently had the privilege of flying on the Mission 10 flight, which left Naples airport with all female Veterans. This was considered a one-of-a-kind mission since 66 of the 69 flight participants were Military Veterans. The oldest
served in WWII and the youngest served in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

Proud branches of the Military represented were the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Army Air Corps, Coast Guard and Marines.

honorflight2To share this day, was humbling as well as an emotional roller coaster. It was an honor to be with them and an honor to acknowledge their unselfish contribution, as they exhibited compassion for one another. What never fails to amaze me is the grace and casualness in the statement, “I was just doing my job.”

Honor Flights leave early in the morning and return late the same day, this enables citizens who wish to participate but also have limited time. Watching the faces of the returning Veterans as more than 1,500 locals cheered wildly as they departed the plane and left the airport was something that is not easy to put into words.

I highly recommend that anyone who is able, participate in the Honor Flight experience. It will enrich your life while bringing unprecedented joy and meaning to the Veterans being honored. Contact Debi Lux by email at drdebi@collierhonorflight.org for details on getting involved.

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