Hints for a more professional look

Erick Carter

My clients always say, “I can never get my hair to look like you do when I blow dry it at home.” Thank heavens, or I would be out of business, but I will share a few tips that may help you achieve that more professional look.

First start with a good product. A consultation may be necessary to determine which product is best for your hair. The product must be distributed evenly through your hair. Too many clients apply the product using one hand, so the product ends up in one area only.

Second you must understand that a foundation has to be built in order for a blow dry to hold. This can be achieved by starting the blow dry at the bottom of the nape of your neck and working your way up. Let the hair cool in the position or shape that you desire before touching it. Doing so will help to form the bonds and lock the style in.

Third it’s important not to get fish hook ends. To prevent this allow the hair to leave the brush and not the other way around. For example, when drying with a flat brush pull the brush all the way to the end. Continue this action until all of the hair falls out of the brush. Too many people stop just shy of the ends which cause fishhooks. If using a round brush make sure not to fold the ends under themselves.

I hope this will help you achieve a salon style finish at home.

Good luck. With practice, it will get easier.

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Erick Carter, Salon Zenergy




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