Ahead of its Time?

by Clay Cox Owner/President

The photo below is a perfect example of a timeless kitchen. Kitchens by Clay was contracted to design and install this kitchen in a Quail West home back in 2014. Even after nine years I think most people will say it is still beautiful and in fact a very desirable kitchen to own today.

The overall color palate is light and airy which lends itself to today’s desire for clean lines and a streamlined look. Some might say it fits the description of a transitional kitchen which is still very popular in today’s designs. Myself, I think it leans more towards a modern look. Tricky word that. Modern. I find that the definition of modern depends on who you are speaking to. In my experience we all tend to describe the word modern a little differently than that of the next person. But, what’s in a word? As I once wrote “beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder”. And this kitchen couldn’t be more beautiful all these nine years later.

The design itself is a classic case of working with the home versus building the home to fit the design. The windows to the left add the needed light for this kitchen which is basically in the center of the house. The upper cabinetry on the back wall may seem unbalanced but feels right in the space available. The custom wood hood at the time was extremely creative in the materials and design, with the wood adding just the right touch of warmth to this focal wall. The tile backsplash which goes to the ceiling is perfect.

Light grey walls with slightly darker grey cabinetry and white wood trim combined with the two different colors of porcelain tile are simply elegant. The darker porcelain tile does a great job of highlighting the massive center island which seats six people very comfortably as well as contains a sink, two dishwashers, and a wine cooler. The open shelving by the windows are just enough for small display pieces and add a touch of whimsy. With the interesting tray ceiling design, that aligns itself with the island and flooring below, everything you see from floor to ceiling, as well as, wall to wall is creative and unique.

So, was this kitchen ahead of its time?

Or, has time stood still for this kitchen?

Enjoy your remodel!

Clay Cox


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