Get It Straight

by Erick Carter

by Erick Carter

Of course we love it when you come into the salon to have your hair blown straight. With the right tools, effort, and a few tips maybe you can GET IT STRAIGHT yourself.

1) Before you get in the shower give yourself an oil treatment. Put a blob of oil in your hair and comb through roots to ends. Allow about 10 mins or so to let the oil soak in, just use on ends if your hair is fine. Then shampoo and condition as normal.

2) Prep your damp hair from roots to ends with your styling product. Then spray your hair with a heat protected silicone spray.

3) Use a vented paddle brush and PULL your hair as straight as you can.Straight hair

4) Once your hair is about 80-90% dry, now grab a round brush, a mix of nylon and boar bristles will help to achieve a smoother look. The goal here is not to get a round look but to smooth the hair. The more you smooth it here the less work with a flat iron.

5) Flat iron to give a finish and polished look. I like to use a heat resident glove to protect my working hand. Always adjust the iron to the fabric of your hair. A flat iron spray is always a good idea to help with results and for protection.

6) Finish with an aerosol shine spray, spraying in the direction of the hair. My favorite products for above use: Oil: DeepShine Oil by Rusk aerosol shine spray: Thermal shine spray by Rusk Flat iron spray: Thermal flat iron spray by Rusk.


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