White Kitchens are All the Rage

Clay Cox

Clay Cox

The predominant color choice for kitchens this year by far  is white. Just take a look at the kitchen magazine covers. White kitchens are typically matched with white and grey countertops that are almost always Carrera marble. Why is white cabinetry taking the country by storm? I believe it has to do with our new outlook on kitchens. We want our kitchens to be light and fresh, functional and streamlined with clean lines. White cabinetry allows a sophisticated look or casual style that can be blended easily with a splash of color.

In addition the door style of choice today is our old favorite the “Shaker” door. However not the Shaker you are used to. The style has been rejuvenated with many variations that most definitely bring it into the second decade of the 21st century. The frame work on the door can be wider which lends itself to the larger kitchens that we all seem to want.

The door itself can have small touches of applied moldings to give it a warmer feel. Remember the word “transitional”? This has been used to describe the latest over-all look that folks are buying into these days. And white kitchens with a variation of the shaker door fits into this perfectly.Kitchen

Now let’s discuss those Carrera marble tops I spoke of earlier. Most folks want to know how marble holds up in a kitchen. The truth is it takes conscientious care. Keep this work space tidy, use trivets and chopping blocks, which should be used on all countertop surfaces, than you will not have a problem. However it will stain and scratch easily if abused.

Stop by one of our Kitchens by Clay showrooms in town and see what I am talking about. We have the displays for today’s consumer. We keep them up to date, fresh and clean. Call and make an appointment if you want to spend some time with one of our designers and you will not be disappointed.

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