Ferrari of Naples hosts Ladies Luncheon

Female Ferrari owners gather at Ferrari of Naples to recognize female Ferrari owners and get to know Gretchen Bauer, CEO of luxury handbag company, BSWANKY.

Ferrari of Naples hosted an intimate luncheon for a group of 35 women. The afternoon included an Italian-inspired menu, champagne toast and special presentation from Gretchen Bauer, CEO of luxury handbag brand, BSWANKY.

The event was an initiative to promote and engage with the dealership’s female clientele as well as empower women in the exotic car industry, which has historically been dominated by men.

As a result, a cohesive partnership between BSWANKY and Ferrari formed for a fun afternoon. Similar to the Ferrari brand, BSWANKY offers ultra-personalized, luxury handbags with a unique style and design paired with an unmatched client experience. Like Ferrari, almost all of BSWANKY’s handbags are made-to-order.

During the event, Gretchen shared experiences from her long career as an interior designer which eventually led her to the founding of her handbag company, BSWANKY.

At the end of the luncheon, she revealed three Ferrari-inspired handbags created specifically for this event. Every attendee went home with a one-of-a-kind Italian leather BSWANKY wristlet.

Tony’s Off Third, owned by female businesswoman Sukie Honeycutt, donated the champagne for the event. 4 Seasons Catering & Events catered the luncheon. Dessert was provided by famed chocolatier, Norman Love. Photographs were taken by Alessia Marcin of Balanced Images.

Both Gretchen and Ashley Zorn (Marketing Manager at Ferrari of Naples) were blown away by some of the remarkable feedback they received from the ladies upon the conclusion of the luncheon:

  • “Thank you so much for the invite! The food was delicious, the Norman Love desserts to die for, Gretchen’s story so inspiring, and the handbags are works of art! A very classy event!” – M. Boyd
  • “Thank you for the invitation. It was a pleasure meeting some of the other female clientele who were there, enjoying such a lovely and well-done event, and hearing the fantastic story of BSwanky’s founder. The dealership is truly gorgeous and remarkable – much like the cars exhibited. Many thanks to [Ferrari of Naples] team, and Gretchen.” – S. Regester
  • “What a great luncheon! Everything was perfect. The women were friendly, the food was delish, the venue was wonderful and Gretchen was fabulous. It was a great idea to host something for the ladies. I’m sure everyone went home and reported every detail to their mates!” -J. Shrenko

As a growing proportion of high-net-worth women are becoming car enthusiasts, Ferrari of Naples will continue to empower and engage their increasing female clientele through events such as this one.


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