FATIGUED – A Holistic Perspective

By Svetlana Kogan, M.D.
Board-Certified Internal

No matter what your job or status in life is – a financial analyst, an attorney, a construction worker, a doctor, a retiree, or a stay-at-home parent, we have all experienced the 21st century pandemic of mental exhaustion and lack of energy. In 20 years of clinical experience.

I have seen different flavors of tiredness afflicting people. It is a disabling enemy to some, rendering them hypochondriac and depressed, and an uncomfortable nuisance to others, preventing them from completing projects and achieving goals. You can be skinny or overweight, Black or White, an extrovert or a shy person – fatigue does not discriminate. You have already had a gamut of tests and were told that there is nothing wrong with you – go home – exercise, hydrate and relax. You have done all of the above – and are still feeling awful and now even more desperate for answers. Why is this happening to me?

The holistic outlook on what we are and how we function –helps to lift the veil preventing us from understanding ourselves. A human being has many layers, like an onion. So, let’s start by taking a look at the material layer – because it is the easiest for us to understand. It is something we can detect, measure, and describe with the help of modern technology. On a microscopic level, we are made from trillions of cells, and there is a stunning quality that is common to all cells – they are made of predominantly  water. For example, our brain and heart cells are 73% water, the lungs cells are 83% water, and the kidney cells are 79% water – you get the idea. Scientists have long marveled at the fact that we are mostly water, and one of them devoted his entire professional career to studying water.

Born and raised in Japan, Dr. Masaru Emoto has developed a unique way to analyze frozen water crystals with an electron
microscope, which can achieve super-magnification of the observed material. After decades of studying the structure and shapes of water crystals, Emoto has not only come up with an encyclopedia of water, but has also come up with some revolutionary results, which were reproduced over and over again. He noticed that water is affected by music. Exposing water to pleasant classical music like Mozart and Bach, has produced beautiful symmetrical crystals, while playing cacophonous heavy metal music has wreaked havoc on water crystals, yielding ugly, distorted shapes. The scientist concluded that if the sound waves can dramatically change water, then the spoken words should be able to have a similar effect.

Emoto felt that it was the energetic, vibrational nature of the water, which made it so responsive to its environment. He ran more tests and lo and behold: Exposure to good words like: “God”, “Love”, “Peace”, and “Caring” were morphing the crystals into symmetrical structures of phenomenal beauty and perfection. However, exposing water to bad words like “Stupid”, “Hate”, “Evil”, and “Disgusting” – was rendering water structure twisted and unsightly.

Emoto took these experiments further. He first had people say negative things to containers with water, and documented the
detrimental molecular effect it had. He then exposed the same water to people speaking nice words and documented the outcome. The results were stunning! Positive words had an ability to repair molecules and restore water balance. These experiments were then repeated and modified, to observe how unspoken thoughts, good and bad have affected water structure and pH. You can probably guess the outcome.

Yes, thoughts do affect water. The conclusions are many. If we are mostly water and the water constantly changes structure with exposure to words, sounds, and thoughts, then everything we have learned from our ancestors about the power of prayer, about the evil eye, and many other things considered mystical and unscientific by traditional medical standards –is starting to make sense.

We are feeling better when we are loved, cared for, and exist in a balanced peaceful environment. By the same token, we feel
drained and weak if we are surrounded by hate and intolerance. It is by empowering ourselves with Mind-Body knowledge that
we can come to heal our widespread fatigue all on our own. It is worthwhile mentioning another finding from water research.
It turns out that all water on earth is interconnected. And what happens with a droplet of water in our ocean in Naples is on the
energetic vibrational level connected with our own cup of tea. It follows then, that by exposing our own cellular water to good
energy, we are in fact balancing the entire world.

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