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As you read this editorial commentary there is roughly two weeks left until the City election. This  election will determine who represents you, the Naples community, for the next four years. I am an incumbent running for a second term so that I can  finish
my work.

Reg Buxton Life in Naples Publisher

I have found my time on City Council to be very rewarding and productive. I’ve had a chance to make a real difference in our City and set the tone for generations to come. I’m proud to have been involved with the completion of Baker Park. What a jewel in the crown of Naples! The newly renovated City dock received a long overdue and serious upgrade. It’s  floating and has the ability to dock vessels over 125 feet which was not previously possible.

We suffered a direct hit by a Category 3 hurricane in 2017 which damaged our City. The Naples leadership responded quickly and within 5 months of the devastating storm Naples was close to being restored. This brings us to our new Fire Station 1. It was designed and built to last 50 years, has cutting edge technology and will be able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. The new building has room for all of our command staff , has its own Emergency Operations Center and secure storage for all of the City’s records.

We have increased security throughout our government buildings to help ensure the safety of all staff and citizens. In addition, we have provided substantial improvements in the Naples Police Department’s ability to handle a hostage or active shooter situation. Both of which are important safety measures for our community. Our pension plans for City employees are all well funded and with recent changes have become even stronger.

The major shopping districts Fifth Ave South and Third Street South are vital to our economy. Our many shops and restaurants are flourishing in our beautiful city. Tourists from all over the world flock here to enjoy briefly what we have every day of the year. Culture thrives in Naples with music, art and our theaters recording attendance at an all time high. We have a new Gulf Shore Playhouse on the drawing board and moving quickly toward the next stage.  There are plans for a new parking garage on the site which will help with the development of the area for business. Travel magazines write about the best places in the country to visit or retire and Naples is always at the top. We have been noted on a national level to be one of the healthiest and happiest places to live.

As Chair of the Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization and a government appointed member of the Florida MPO board, I have the ability to be certain that our needs are placed front and center of the decision-makers at the State level. I represent our area on M-Cores which is Governor DeSantis task force to plan three North/South toll roads. Once completed these roads will serve the state for decades to come as well as providing vital escape routes from dangerous storms.

Naples is a Blue Zones community with walkable, bikeable and physically healthy options.  e City of Naples is a very special place, unique in every way. When I was elected in 2016 I stated that the voters of Naples placed a treasure in my hands for careful oversight. Challenged to keep it as special as it was and move it forward according to the wishes of my constituents. I have listened to our citizens and done exactly that.

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