DAN SUMMERS MESSAGE on Emergency Management

Dan Summers

Dan Summers is currently the Director of the Collier County Bureau of Emergency Services for Collier County Government in Naples, Florida. Mr. Summers holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Disaster Management from Thomas Edison State College, in Trenton, New Jersey. He is a graduate of FEMA’s Professional Development Series, holds a Certified Emergency Manager designation from the International Association of Emergency Management and is a Florida Professional Emergency Manager from the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association.

Mr. Summers has over 30 years of disaster and emergency services management experience. He has managed over 17 presidentially declared disaster events while serving as a local emergency management director in both Wilmington, North Carolina and Naples, Florida. A former paramedic and firefighter, Mr. Summers has testified on several occasions before the United States Congress on matters of disaster operations and disaster recovery funding. Mr. Summers has been a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Adjunct Facility for the Emergency Management Institute since 1989. Recently, Mr. Summers has received awards for his professional efforts from the International Association of Emergency Management, North Carolina Division of Emergency Management and the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association. 

Presently, Mr. Summers oversees the Bureau of Emergency Services for Collier County who provides Emergency Management, Emergency Medical, Aero-medical, and Medical Examiner services to the residents of Collier County. He is a recent graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Post Graduate College, in Monterey, CA and served on the Board of Directors of the National Emergency Management Forum organization promoting education and best practices in Emergency Management.

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