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Clay Coxby Clay Cox

I was reading over some past articles that I’ve written over the years and came across this one which is five years old. I am pleasantly surprised that this is exactly the trend in today’s style and purchases. Do I have a crystal ball? You read it and judge for yourself.

Article written on January 20th in 2010: The new trends are leaning towards clean lines and soft palettes. Customers and trend setters alike are seeking out and buying a sleeker look.

I am not talking about the retro look as we knew back in the 50’s and 60’s. This new look has its own claim to fame. It incorporates a smoother door style and far fewer accessories, such as corbels and flutes, as we just saw during the “Tuscany years”. A high gloss finish is not a necessary request, because a slab wood or shaker door with a dull finish fits the look just right.

kitchenGlass doors are extremely popular and the glass choices are seemingly endless.

With this “soft and simplified” look you may want to consider subway tile or glass tile backsplashes. These tiles will not overwhelm the kitchen, they will merely accentuate it. Extra care for additional lighting and backlighting will really enhance the finished project.

Granite countertops are still the norm but an interest in Quartz tops is coming to the forefront. I believe that the Quartz’s claim of being maintenance free is pushing this interest more than anything else. Quartz manufacturers have also added a multitude of colors that make it very appealing and offer a better selection. Stainless steel (if you have the budget) is a winner with the new cleaner, sleeker kitchen look. Granite however is your best buy and in my opinion great for resale.

Here we are in 2015 and this is what is hot.

Wishing you all a happy and successful New Year from the Kitchens by Clay team.

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