CordBrick™ is a Must-Have Travel Gadget

Finally, someone has come up with a way to keep phone charger cords in reach, and corral them, all in one tool. CordBrick™ organizes that chaotic spaghetti mess of charger cords stuffed into purses, pockets, and suitcases, often left behind after falling off hotel nightstands or slipping between seats while traveling on trains, planes and automobiles. Florida entrepreneur Nicholas Barrett has researched, patented, and produced CordBrick™ to solve multiple cord problems.

“Everyone has a different routine when traveling with chargers because until now, there hasn’t been a product that can transition from daily use to travel mode, and back, instantly,” said Barrett, a.k.a. CordBrick Nick. “Using CordBrick™ with charger cords creates a new and simpler process for managing them, since the product combines different cord holding and cord wrapping channels to accomplish both uses and gives you something worth bringing along to contain your cords everywhere.”

CordBrick™, designed to be compatible with any charger cord, can hold at least six cords and wrap at least three 3-foot cords on one CordBrick™.  A handy tool for travel, CordBrick™ is produced in multiple color choices – even glow-in-the-dark, which is especially useful in unfamiliar hotel rooms. CordBrick™ holds cord ends within reach, keeping them organized and making the best use out of any charging area.

“Pop CordBrick™ on your phone to stand or hold it up on the plane, or at a variety of other angles for selfies or watching videos,” added Barrett, who confidently offers a money-back guarantee for this first of many products he is developing from his Naples headquarters.

CordBrick™ is made of premium silicone rubber and steel-weighted to serve as a cord holding device on fabric, wood, stone and nearly any surface.  No adhesive means it can be moved and will not leave any residue or damage furniture. CordBrick™ measures 2.3” long by 1.35” wide and 0.85” high, conveniently used to wrap or shorten one or many of the cords associated with charging today’s ever popular rechargeable battery powered devices like phones, watches, tablets, earbuds, laptops, and speakers.

Barrett says that because it is made of silicone and steel, utilizing gravity and friction, CordBrick™ is unlikely to wear out or break. “CordBrick™ protects the most vulnerable parts of charger cords – right by the ends – in soft silicone cord channels. “Even when wrapping cords, CordBrick™ cradles the tail ends and doesn’t bend them sharply,” he added. “A lot of research and analysis of competitors went into creating this product and it was a huge learning experience. CordBrick™ is the best cord management solution sold today.”

CordBrick™ is available for sale at and comes in several different colors, plus the most popular glow-in-the-dark option. For more information, contact CordBrick Nick Barrett at 610-888-6008 or via email at

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