Congressman Francis Rooney A SIX MONTH UPDATE

Francis Rooney

As I begin my sixth month in Congress, I am grateful for this opportunity to update you on the progress being made on many important issues. Over these first few months, I have been committed to restoring our Everglades, repealing and replacing Obamacare, and rolling back the federal government’s bureaucratic red tape to get our economy moving again. Our most critical local issue is fixing Lake Okeechobee and restoring our Everglades. The Lake Okeechobee watershed and Everglades have far-ranging impact on the entire State of Florida and the country, but especially in Southeast and Southwest Florida, where 55% of all real estate in the state is affected – 2 trillion dollars of
economic impact across 164 cities and 16 counties.

CERP was enacted in 2000 and we need its 68 projects to be executed. I am actively working towards solutions that will solve our water issues in the quickest and most efficient way possible. My mission at the federal level remains clearly targeted towards earning the support necessary to secure the federal funding already approved but not yet appropriated. I have had the opportunity to discuss the Everglades with President Trump, Majority Leader McCarthy, and members of the Army Corps, and believe that they are supportive of our efforts.

Nationally, there is no topic that has been more discussed then repealing and replacing the failing and unsustainable social experiment of Obamacare. Its repeal is a necessity for Southwest Floridians that have seen choices dwindling and premiums skyrocketing. The plan passed in the House of Representatives is a conservative, patient-centric, free enterprise healthcare solution that provides choice and competition. Despite what some on the left are contending, coverage for pre-existing conditions will remain. The ability for individual states to tailor their guidelines to meet the needs of their residents is a critical element of reforming our health care system, and it is what our Constitution intends for powers not expressly delegated to the federal government. It is now up to the Senate to do its part.

Finally, Congress has been successful in rolling back many of the Obama-era regulations that have stifled economic growth and prevented employers from hiring. The House has passed, and President Trump has signed into law, the repeal of 14 Obama-era regulations. These repeals will save taxpayers over $3.7 billion in regulatory cost and begin to unravel the red tape put in place by unelected bureaucrats over the last eight years. There is much important work still to be done on; passage of a fiscally responsible budget, tax reform, veterans care, defeating. radical Islamic terrorism, and many other key issues. As we look ahead to these issues, I welcome your opinions and look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact our offices at:

Lee County Office
1039 S.E. 9th Place • Suite 308
Cape Coral, FL 33990
Phone: 239.599.6033

Collier County Office
3299 Tamiami Trail East • Suite 105
Naples, FL 34112
Phone: 239.252.6225

Washington, DC Office
120 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202.225.2536

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