by Clay Cox Owner/President of Kitchens by Clay

Coastal beauty in your home can begin with your kitchen remodel. I’m sure we have all seen the magazine covers showing white cabinetry with marble tops since this is by far the most popular look going. And it’s a good look too. I say this because it is timeless in its nature and tiring of it will be difficult to do no matter how long you live in your kitchen. That’s a good thing!

Consider this though. Although white cabinetry is extremely popular it doesn’t necessarily give us the coastal beauty that fits our Naples environment so well. Picture this if you will. Try adding accents to bring life into your kitchen. For example, glass cabinet doors will do this beautifully. Light these cabinets all along the height, from top to bottom, with LED tape lights for an amazing effect. How about painting the interior of those cabinets a brighter color like…light blue for that “POP” we all like. Wow! What’s not to like.

Next let’s take a look at the backsplash which is often neglected in the design until the very end. Give it some early thought and think about this. Glass! Glass tiles in a stunning light sea color or hue if you like, will make you feel as if you are looking out to sea wherever your kitchen is. The glass will give you the shimmer of the water while the color will bring you to the coast.

One more item will help wrap this up. Wood! A touch of wood preferably with a light grain showing through the stain will add the feel of the driftwood we see along our beaches whenever we go. If your kitchen is large enough for a center island then this would be a great place to add the wood. You can also mix textures along the kitchen walls by adding a stained wood hood to your white painted cabinets. Another idea would be to have white upper cabinets with wood base cabinetry. This is a relatively new thought but I can assure you we are “ahead of the curve” with this idea.

All you have to do now is add your personal touches and you’ve got a beautiful “Coastal Beauty” of a kitchen.

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