by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

Clean simple lines for kitchen designs have been the mantra for a few years now and the concept is still going strong. If you think about it, why would we want to design a new kitchen to be complex, busy, and lacking in creativity as well. The answer is we wouldn’t.

The other item on today’s agenda is the ongoing popularity of white kitchens which as you can see on the page below is still going strong.

Although predominantly white the accents designed into this kitchen give it a huge “pop” of interest. If you could only see the rest of this home, you would see that this “pop” of color carries consistently throughout. From the tray ceilings with shiplap, some in white and some in color, to accent walls in different areas creating a cohesiveness that is appealing to those who see it.

Our choice for the dark color in this kitchen is our Midnight (black) and is a natural accompaniment to the white cabinetry.

The hood, which is a focal point, was custom made for this home. I love the gold strapping that was added to the matte black background. It’s hard to see but the cabinet hardware has tiny touches of gold to balance the hood accents. Love that!

The second island and the bank of uppers behind the island in this photo also use the black in a very creative way. Had we used solid black doors on the uppers it would havebeen too powerful, and the image would have dominated the kitchen leaving the rest of the kitchen to flounder in the eye of the beholder.

Adding glass to the doors while lighting the white painted interior and adding white framing around the doors brings everything together seamlessly while creating a point of interest that is pleasing to the eye.

I don’t want to miss this chance to talk about the twin islands which will always be a winner when a kitchen has the size to carry them. The island near the range is for the cook while the second island is for seating and creating a place for friends and family alike to gather. In addition, the countertop space available in this kitchen is phenomenal and with the pantry, in the back room to the right, there is no need for the small appliances to be out and about. See? Clean, simple, and creative

by Clay Cox, Owner/President – Kitchens by Clay


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