CCCVPAC Kickoff a Success

The Collier County Citizens Values Political Action Committee kicked off their first fundraising event with a sellout crowd for its Memorial Weekend “Fun”draiser. Elected officials and Republican Club members enjoyed great BBQ, refreshments and live music. The event was to raise awareness and raise funds to promote Republican candidates.

Keeping Florida’s Great Quality of Life
We are seeing a boom in housing as residents move from urban areas and escape to Collier County to enjoy the freedoms that
residents are provided, including no income taxes, less restrictions, open schools, businesses thriving, and supporting law enforcement to keep us safe.

That great lifestyle didn’t just happen by chance. Collier County is the epicenter of the strongest conservative voters in the state.
94% of Collier County Republicans voted in the last general election. As newcomers arrive, the fear is they will bring their voting habits with them that created the overbearing government policies
that made them leave.

There are 39 elected offices that will be on the Collier County ballot in 2022. To ensure we can keep free from over burdensome government, a group of residents, including the past three chairmen of the Collier County Republicans have formed a political action committee to “Keep Florida Red.” The committee is called Collier County Citizens Values Political Action Committee and can be found at


Their objectives are as follows:
1. Reach out to newcomers and invite them to join the many Republican Clubs
2. Rate candidates based on Republican Values
3. Support elected officials that demonstrate those values
4. Identify and support new candidates to replace elected officials that don’t demonstrate Republican Values.

If you believe in their mission, they could use your time, talents, or treasure. They hope to raise $200,000 to accomplish their

Time is short as the first election is in February. To contribute, volunteer, or for more information, go to their website at

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