by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

Do you ever get the feeling that your kitchen cabinets need a little vupdate but you don’t need or even want a complete remodel and are basically comfortable with what you have?

In fact, it may even be something that you can’t pinpoint but an overall feeling that something can be done to make the kitchen “your” kitchen.

As you may imagine I have some suggestions.

Try this: Remove and replace your decorative cabinet door and drawer hardware, then add beautiful new cabinet jewelry. The term “Jewelry” is now used because of the seemingly unlimited selection available offering crystals, various metals, exotic stones and a vast array of colors. Think of it as the finishing touch, like sprucing up that black suit or little black dress for a very special occasion.  You can do that to your cabinets as well.

There are other ways that you can change the look of your kitchen without the commitment of a full remodel. At the risk of costing me some business how about painting your cabinets? Try removing the center panel of a few doors and adding glass inserts.

How about removing the doors altogether and creating an open shelf look? Find yourself a pro and these things (and more) can be handled quickly, easily and without much fuss. As an example, I met a woman who did not want to replace her kitchen but didn’t like the overall design.

A cost-effective way to change her kitchen was most desirable. After a couple of sessions, we came up with some great ideas. We removed some upper cabinets and replaced them with 3” thick cantilevered shelving. Then we added a couple of well placed glass door cabinets with just the right tile backsplash and the perfect lighting under the shelves and behind the glass.

Without touching the rest of the cabinetry, we created a brand new and exciting kitchen. And then… we added the cabinet jewelry.

Enjoy your home!

Clay Cox

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