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Mayor Bill Barnett

Today is November 24, 2019 and Thanksgiving is right around the corner but I’m writing January’s article.

Of our eight grandchildren we have six in Naples and two in Scottsdale, Arizona and we never know which of them are going to be here for the Holidays. We all take turns hosting and my daughter Kim is doing Thanksgiving. And so far she has 24 people attending, all family. My Buffalo Bills are on national TV against Dallas, so I’m not overly optimistic about the Bills winning that game but stranger things have happened. Turkey is not my favorite food, but there will be so much to eat that I don’t think I’ll starve, and the rumor is that my grandson Jacob who is an amazing cook is going to make a beef dish as a side but I can’t confirm that. Hope springs eternal.

December is booked solid for me with Lighting the Third Street Tree, The Fifth Avenue South Tree, The Menorah for Hanukkah, and the Hanukkah celebration at Mercato plus a myriad of others. There is the Boat Parade, Tuba Christmas, a Fifth Avenue South Market Place event and it seems that our calendar has very few available dates. We love our nights at home because they are precious and we can recharge our batteries. Nobody visiting our City can possibly say that they can’t find anything to do.

Baker Park has been a huge success and I haven’t had one negative comment. I am so proud of that park and if you haven’t been it is an absolute must to see. Politics for the New Year are alive and well. I found out Friday that I have an opponent running against me for Mayor.  Our election is March 17th, and the campaigning will start for
real immediately after the Holiday season is over which means now as you read this January edition. I am curious to see how those that are planning campaign forums are going to pull that off. As of this writing there are eight City Council candidates and two of us for Mayor.

Of the City Council candidates four of us are incumbents. It is going to be a political nightmare to do but I’m sure they will figure out a way to make it happen so the voters can at least get to know who the new players are.
I won’t say much more about the upcoming race today, but in February’s Life in Naples article I will give you my opinion on what to look for in a candidate and some very candid remarks about the upcoming election and how it affects our City, or doesn’t. As always there are political groups lining up to do battle. Some are legitimate, some aren’t, I’ll explain.

As Mayor of the City of Naples my utmost hope is that you had a Healthy, Happy, Holiday Season. Our great Naples
Community is one of the most charitable communities in the country, and I have been so honored to have played an integral part with the various groups since my first year in politics which was 1984. So, as 2020 will mark my 47th year as a resident of the City of Naples and my 16th year as Mayor, I can say without any doubt that we are blessed to be able to live, work, visit Naples as tourists, and raise our families or retire here.

Happy New Year!
Mayor Bill

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