by Jill Ciccarelli Rapps, CFP®Financial AdvisorLIN Jill Rapps

Many factors can influence your overall level of contentment and happiness. For some people, financial success is of utmost importance; for others, doing what you love is more significant. However, bridging your passion and purpose with your money can lead you to even greater happiness.

While uniting your passion and purpose with your finances is a challenge, establishing this connection can have a profoundly positive impact on your life. Understanding these five key concepts will guide you down the path to self-fulfillment.

Realize that you are more than your possessions. It’s easy to get sidetracked by only considering the ‘stuff’ you have. Instead of thinking about your life in terms of money (i.e. “I need to earn this amount so I can buy this item”), try to step back and look at the bigger picture:  What’s really important to you? There’s nothing wrong with buying that big-ticket item, but make an effort to focus your energy on your passion and purpose.

Identify your true passion and purpose. Your life purpose is your highest calling or deepest aspiration. For some people, your purpose is providing for your family, and helping them to achieve health, happiness and success. For others, you may feel called to contribute your time and talents to charities or other causes that positively impact your community. Your passion can be anything that you love to do. Perhaps you are passionate about creating things, or maybe you love
experiencing the world through travel. Once you’ve identified your purpose in life and realize your passion, it’s easier to bridge your inner being with your finances – and you can begin to move towards an improved mental state.

Consider investing in a project that fulfills your passion and purpose. Now that you’ve identified your passion and purpose, brainstorm ways to utilize your finances to pursue these positive forces in your life. By financially supporting your passion and purpose, your inner being will develop a more prominent, concrete presence in your everyday life. Contemplate these two examples. If you are passionate about travel and helping the less fortunate is one of your purposes in
life, you could engage in volunteer work while vacationing in Latin America. If music is your passion and you feel called to dedicate your time and talents to educating young people, you could invest in musical instruments and offer free lessons to children.

Pursue your passion as a source of income. In many situations, you can make a comfortable living by engaging in your passion. You might not earn as much as you could in other professions, but it is possible to make money from virtually anything – from farming to music to travel and beyond. If you are able to form valuable connections, you may find you can take your passion to a higher level. At that point, you could earn a considerable amount of money doing what you love.

Capitalize on online resources. The Internet provides you a wealth of tools and resources you can leverage. Consider using social media to interact with others who share your passion and purpose, or even set up a blog to generate interest and awareness for your endeavors. Your passion and purpose will serve as the driving forces throughout Bridging these positive forces with your money can be instrumental in leading you towards happiness and self-fulfillment. The above tips are vital for anyone who aspires to create a better future for yourself and your family. Mastering your finances is a crucial step in your journey towards

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