Blue Diamond Takes the Lead in the Naples Luxury Garage Trend

Luxury garages are taking over the Naples area following the newest trend in home remodeling. More and more homeowners are wanting to feel the luxury of their home from the moment they step out of their car. They have realized that their homes and automobiles represent a significant investment and they want to create a unique, luxurious space to match.

Porsches and Lamborghinis don’t deserve to be parked next to knocked over bikes and piles of lost shoes. This is why homeowners are saying goodbye to messy garages filled previously used as storage units and hello to gorgeous floors and custom made cabinets.

Your garage is the first impression of your home and is the first room you step into after a long day at work. The last thing you want to come home to is a cluttered mess of boxes you said you would sort through a year ago. Instead, imagine coming home to a spotless garage that has been designed with detailed organization for all your personal items. It doesn’t have to stop there either!

Who said that garages can only be used for parking and storing? The opportunities for the garage space are endless. We are seeing people transform their garages into luxury mancaves, home offices, gyms, and so much more. Garages can take up to fifteen percent of the overall square footage of a home. That’s a lot of space to play around with and we are seeing all the local car enthusiasts take full advantage of it.

Their beautiful car collections are being surrounded with top of the line home entertainment centers and vintage arcade games, making their garage the new ultimate hang out spot.

How are they all doing this? There is a local company specializing in transforming garages into homeowner’s dreams!

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions is seriously taking garages to the next level by serving luxury automobile owners with one-of-a-kind custom garage experiences. If you can dream it, then Blue Diamond can certainly create it. They specialize in transforming messy garages into the ultimate garage experience within your home. Blue Diamond’s offerings include floor coatings, interlocking tiles, custom garage cabinets, wall storage, car lifts, and so much more.

Blue Diamond works hard to turn these garage spaces in client’s homes into beautiful, tasteful spaces; curated with meticulous attention to detail. Their team even offers LED lighting makeovers and maintenance packages to keep your home always looking its best.

Blue Diamond truly puts their heart and soul into each job and client relationship they acquire. Their attention to detail and focus on bringing their customer’s vision to life really sets them apart. Whether you are looking for new flooring, custom storage solutions, or just need some decorative car-signage, Blue Diamond is the team you need.

Visit to check out their full list of services and book your free consultation today.

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