Art After Dark – February 2020

Naples is a unique little city placed along the water’s edge in Southwest Florida. It shares its name with the Italian city of the same name, but not much else, however there are numerous developments in the area with Italian connections, in name, design or style of architecture.

Many who live here or travel through here have enjoyed an adventure through the amazing country of Italy with numerous stories to tell.

The Phil Fisher Gallery/Guess-Fisher Gallery will be hosting an art show opening where you can “Travel Through Italy” with Phil Fisher and Natalie Guess and their paintings and batiks of images captured in the northern part of the country starting in beautiful Bellagio, on Lake Como. From there, travels took them to Bolzano to Verona to Venice then Florence and some lovely areas in Tuscany, such as San Gimignano.

Before flying out of Rome, the views from the island of Monte Argentario from the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, offered breathtaking scenes that inspired at least a few watercolors.

Italy is a wonderful place to visit and they hope you can come and experience Italy through their art! “Art After Dark” is on Sunday, February 16th from 5 to 8 PM at Phil Fisher Gallery, where 8th St. S. & 12th Ave. S. meet by the flagpole on the Bay, in Crayton Cove.

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