Adventure Travel to a Romantic Destination!

Naples Air Foundersby Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

February is the month of love! Pink hearts filled with  delectable chocolates, valentines, diamonds, cherubs,  flowers, and for something different and exciting – an  adventure to a romantic destination!

Little Palm Island, in the Florida Keys, is our first choice for romance! This destination includes luxurious secluded beaches,  magnificent sunsets, first class accommodations, world class food  and no phones or television. But, if you’re looking for nightlife and  a party atmosphere,  South Beach is ‘the’ place to go.  With its  captivating history,  great seafood  restaurants, strolls  around town on  foot, and historical  sightseeing tours,  Saint Augustine,  Florida, is one of  our favorite cities to  offer quaint bed and  breakfast accommodations. And, we can have you there celebrating  in less than an hour by plane.

The Bahamas offers the best of all worlds. Tucked out of the  away places such as the Carriearl Boutique Hotel on Great Harbour
Cay is a quaint hotel with fewer than a dozen rooms where the  owners cater to your every whim. The seafood is fabulous, caught
just hours before dinner and prepared to perfection. On the other  hand, if you want to gamble and enjoy a night of  ntertainment, the  casino at Atlantis on Nassau is a world unto its own!

Naples Air Inc. and Private Jets Inc. offer jets, turbo props and  piston aircraft for romantic getaways, family vacations, business
trips, and emergencies near or far. Our award winning pilots and  beautiful aircraft are available for your every need.
Our Citation II jet is newly painted and looks like a brand new airplane! It seats seven passengers, has a fully enclosed lavatory and  travels non-stop to the Midwest and Northeast. The Cheyenne III  turbo prop is pressurized, cabin class and fast. It can seat up to eight  passengers and also has a fully enclosed lavatory. The Piper Navajo,  the smallest of our all twin-engine fleet, will seat six passengers and  is good for trips up to three hours non-stop.

Whatever your needs, near or far, call Naples Air Inc. and we  would be happy to give you a quote. Naples Air Inc. may be reached
by calling 239.403.4838 or online at and

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