ABG World Video Shares the Joy of Naples

by Kelly Merritt and Kathleen Farrell

Marina Berkovich and Alexander Goldstein

Marina Berkovich and Alexander Goldstein

Alexander Goldstein and Marina Berkovich love Naples. So much so that they have produced a 30-minute artistic vision documentary entitled, Naples, Florida, REDIFINING PARADISE. Their company, ABG World Video and Audio Productions, used their own resources to produce the 30 minute film to refocus and redefine the public perception of Naples after events such as the BP oil spill and Hurricane Wilma left a negative impression of the area in some people’s minds.

For those of us lucky enough to live or vacation here, we already enjoy our stunning sunsets, chic boutiques and world class restaurants. The film, narrated by Roger Weatherborne Baker, a travel writer, is intended to showcase Naples finest offerings, cultural vibrancy, beautiful white sand beaches and pristine tropical settings to people who do not live or vacation here.

Goldstein, originally from Moscow, is an award winning composer and has scored 27 feature films as well as produced original music for the 2014 Olympic Games figure skating competitions. He composed the music and cinematography for the film, the trailer for which won a Telly award in 2013. The trailer can be viewed below.

Berkovich is originally from Kiev and grew up under challenging circumstances. She says that her and her family survived many trials and became refugees.

“After that experience everything is a miracle and people need to remember how short life is – how wonderful life is in the U.S. – it’s all about the joy of life and optimism,” she says. “Living through the worst times in the Soviet Union with no voice, no rights and no citizenship, to find Naples, I feel like I belong here and I want to do good for the city.”

The pair want to share that love of the city they now call home and claim that the first year they kept telling people how great it was. Then they started to take a few of their films up north. People began buying the film, taking it back to Toronto and Chicago and Ohio.

“They and their families watched the video and began to appreciate beautiful Naples too,” said Goldstein. Not surprisingly, realtors have expressed interest in the film, not as a promotional video but as the perfect gift to prospective clients. When Hertz was moving into the region, Chamber of Commerce officials approached the pair and asked if they could borrow the trailer, which was then sent to the company.

The pair plans for the film to be the first in a series highlighting different parts of this region. Their hope is that entities with something to share with prospective customers, including Naples-area hotels or even places that need to convey a message to draw people to the area, such as Ave Maria or businesses who might consider
headquartering in Naples will hop on board to be part of the series.

Naples Florida, REDEFINING PARADISE can be purchased at www.abg-world.com for $19 plus sales tax. While working on the film, ABG World Video and Audio Production also worked on other local productions like the Naples Historical Society’s “Naples Oral Histories: If These Walls Could Talk (Telly Award 2011) and Naples Alliance for Children’s “Because Someone Believed in Me” (Hermes Award 2012 for Original Song).

For more information or to become part of the company’s video series, contact Marina Berkovich visit www.abg-world.com.

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