A New Face at Tower Dental Arts – Adds to tradition of patient care

by Kelly Merritt with additional reporting by Caroline Josey.

Dr Sonia RochaIt is with great enthusiasm that Dr. Neil Cohen is joining Dr. Sonia Rocha and the Tower Dental Arts family. After practicing in New York City for eight years, he and his wife decided to relocate to Naples to be closer to family and enjoy Naples’ most valuable commodity: the Gulf Coast lifestyle. With two dentists the practice will be able to expand availability making it even more convenient when scheduling appointments.

Dr. Rocha is known as much for her positive attitude and passion for dentistry and patient care as she is for offering cutting edge technology and expertise. She even makes herself available to meet with new patients just to discuss her practice, before they even make appointments for dental care. This welcoming experience is accented by Dr. Rocha’s support of nonprofit organizations benefiting healthy oral care for all families.

All of these factors drew Drs. Rocha and Cohen together after they were first introduced through a mutual friend. Her full workload and two offices caused her to look for another dentist to match her own efforts in comprehensive care. That includes educating patients to advocate for their best oral health. After all, the mouth is a hidden area. Dr. Rocha stressed that a lot of times damage is not readily evident, unlike a bruise on an arm.

Dr Rocha and Dr Cohen“However, by properly diagnosing those diseases, we can help prevent many health issues,” she says. “That is critical because as patients lose gum or bone tissue, their teeth can loosen and once that occurs, it is hard to reverse – thanks to preventive therapy, we are able to stop this from happening – but many patients are not fully aware
of the advances in dentistry regarding periodontal therapies and antibacterial treatments that will keep the gums healthy.”

The Tower Dental Arts practice is a stateof-the-art dental facility with a modern office designed to offer the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry in a caring setting. The practice enjoys a by Kelly Merritt Tower Dental Arts adds to tradition of patient care A new face at distinguished reputation.

Dr. Rocha chose beautiful southwest Florida to plant her roots and raise her children. Throughout her 20 years of experience, she has gained her patients’ trust with her gentle touch and expertise in creating beautiful smiles with the latest technology available. Dr. Rocha graduated from New York University in 1989. After six years of private dental practice in New York City, she decided to join the United States Air Force Officer Training School graduating with a commission of captain.

Dr. Rocha’s goal is to create beautiful smiles while restoring health with comfort. She wants each of her patients to have the best dental health and oral health while giving patients self-confidence. The art and health of dentistry allowed Dr. Rocha to help her patients live more fulfilled lives. Her patients can eat and function better, and when they smile, Dr. Rocha is constantly reminded why she loves her job. Now she will share that workload with Dr. Cohen, who received his dental training at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, followed by a three year residency in advanced prosthodontics at the University of California San Francisco. This specialty focuses on restoring beauty and function to worn, damaged or missing teeth. Dr. Cohen’s extensive training in restorative dentistry has given him the necessary skills to treat the most demanding cases and deliver exceptional results.

“My primary goal is to emphasize a comprehensive and proactive approach to dentistry because oral health plays an important role in overall health, and the connection between the two is more important than ever,” he says. By combining art and science, Dr. Cohen is able to custom tailor a treatment plan that meets the individual needs of each patient.

In Tower Dental Arts Dr. Cohen says he’s found the perfect setting to continue the tradition of excellence Dr. Rocha has established. They will be working together to ensure that everyone receives the same outstanding care they have come to expect over the years.

There are several highlights that showcase the Tower Dental Arts difference. The staff is bilingual. When a patient makes his or her first appointment, the doctors conduct an exam and then guide the patient step by step through a treatment plan, if any, which will include full mouth photos and models that illustrate a final result. Patients leave Tower Dental Arts confident, not confused.

“We take care of one patient at a time, no matter how long it takes and we stress personal service and good oral health, so each appointment is focused on that patient,”  says Dr. Rocha, who points to studies that prove people with good oral health live longer. “It’s very important that people who want to have a good, healthy life start with their teeth because a lot of general conditions begin with the mouth.”

And while some patients think their smiles may be too far gone, it is never too late. Drs. Rocha and Cohen practice compassionate family dentistry, with a special focus on cosmetic and restorative dentistry. They are one of the top providers of Invisalign, America’s most popular way to straighten teeth.

For more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Rocha or Dr. Cohen, visit www.drsoniarocha.net.

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