A Trip to Remember

by Catherine Fay, Owner and VP

John and Catherine Fay

John and Catherine Fay

One of our favorite clients booked a flight for three passengers to the Augusta National to play golf. He booked months in advance and was very excited. A few weeks prior to his trip, he called to go over the details.

As little as I know about golf, I thought it was strange that he was only taking two friends because I know golf is played in groups of four.

Brian, our client, explained that they were playing in a charity tournament and their foursome would be completed by Coach Lou Holtz, one of the greatest Notre Dame Football coaches of all times.

I was excited to hear about the fourth player as my dad attended Notre Dame and graduated in 1949. He’s spoken about Lou Holtz many times, praising him for being a great coach while at Notre Dame and throughout his career. Coach is a great humanitarian, motivational speaker and philanthropist.

I asked Brian if they were going to get Coach’s autograph; he said they were told that Coach would autograph anything they brought.

I immediately asked if he thought Coach would autograph a book for my Dad; Brian assured me he would.

I quickly purchased Winning Every Day by Coach Lou Holtz, a book about motivation, positive thinking and his coaching experiences. I enclosed a note about my Dad being a Notre Dame graduate and asked if he could please inscribe the book for my Dad’s 87th birthday. I asked that he write: “To Paul, best coach seven kids could ever have.” Not only did he write that note, he also included an additional message that read: “WOW! You ARE the best,” signed, Lou Holtz.

Brian told me Coach had tears in his eyes after reading my note. Needless to say, none of my siblings could compete with that birthday gift!

Not only was it a trip-of-a-lifetime for our passengers, it was also a trip to remember for me and my Dad as well!

Whether a business trip, vacation or a trip-of-a-lifetime – we can accommodate your needs while flying you there in style and comfort. We’d be honored to book a trip for you, your family and friends, just give us a call.

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