A Social Connection

by Kelly G Cooper

BatyaTechnology is changing the world at an exponential rate. Social networking technology is unique and it has affected each of us in some way or another, shaping how we form relationships and conduct business. There are over 2 billion social network accounts across the globe. What does that mean? The power of social technology and social media should not be underestimated as information is shared with a simple click of a button and influence takes hold.

What exactly is social media? Let’s break it down. When we think of the media we immediately think of the newspapers, radio and television outlets. Media, essentially, is an instrument of communication that works one-way. Now we look at social media and the difference between the two. Social media provides an outlet to communicate with the source while sharing your thoughts and perspectives. The ability to share experiences and opinions provides a forum to interact with not only the website but other visitors, which is a way to build trust and a good reputation.

The success of an enterprise can now be directly correlated to the effectiveness of their social media strategy. Statistics described by Forbes magazine suggest the following: 92 percent of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business with 80 percent indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites (according to Hubspot); 97 percent of marketers currently participating in social media where 85 percent of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use (according to Social Media Examiner).

There is a paradigm shift where hundreds of millions of people are engaging in social media on a daily basis and brand awareness is the number one goal of most social media marketers today. Brand awareness should be a part of every business and organizations marketing strategy, as it is a conduit to reach a large audience quickly in a cost effective way.

For those individuals who are not computer savvy and not sure how to incorporate social media into their business plan, do not lose hope – there is a solution! Naples entrepreneur Batya Maman, CEO and founder of Social Connect, can assist you in attaining tangible results with increased profits. Many people spend time on social media but do not have a plan that works for them. It is essential to build a platform that specifically meets client needs while simultaneously promoting services and products. Social Connect supplies the tools you need. They will teach you how to customize your device, such as a notebook or mobile phone, so all of your media channels can be updated and managed in one place! As long as you have a vision of what you want to achieve you can build a platform to reach your goals with professionals at your side to help along the way.

Google is one of the most used search engines and can be an invaluable tool for any enterprise. Businesses and organizations need a search engine and search engines need businesses and organizations alike. The more relevant your ad, the greater user experience; which leads to a better advertising experience. It is a cycle but an important cycle that drives the economy and one you need to be a part of in order to maximize your potential. Batya through Social Connect can strengthen and empower your product advertisement to new heights with relevancy. “We teach our clients how to use the latest software and technology to tailor attention-grabbing content. After implementing our programs, most clients spend an average of three hours a week on social media and have seen up to a 20 percent increase in revenue.” There is a way to show greatness and it is the mission of Social Connect to help your business or organization obtain success.

In a time where quality customer service is sought after more than ever, you can always count on Social Connect to offer remote support at your time of need. Batya and her team at Social Connect will help you and your business or organization rise to the next level. Take the first step into your continued success and visit www.gobatya.com. For more information please call Batya Maman at 239.601.4340 or e-mail her at info@gobatya.com.


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