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Reg Buxton Life in Naples Publisher

We find ourselves in the middle of an outbreak of COVID-19 virus. A very dangerous situation that has appeared in our community. In the past, in times of unrest the citizens of Naples have come together and rose to the occasion. The last time we were challenged was Hurricane  Irma. All worked together as one to bring our City back to better than before status.

The threat caused by this virus will cause us to make many sacrifices. We must change the way we live our life here in Naples. No large gatherings of people, strict rules of personal hygiene, closure of facilities we are all used to visiting.

Our Tennis Center, Norris Center, Aquatic Center, many park buildings and the River Park Community Center all affected. These are only part of the list of areas we must learn to do without for a while.

We have the good fortune to have outstanding leadership in the County with Dan Summers  who is the Director of Collier County Emergency Management. Mr Summers has for many years led our county Emergency Operations Center. I have had the pleasure to serve with him through many storms and countless other events. His handling of Irma was textbook perfect and his leadership was outstanding.

At the City of Naples we are led by Chief Pete DiMaria who is our Fire Chief and Emergency Manager of our brand new city Emergency Operations Center. Dan and Pete worked seamlessly together during Irma which led to a great result. On a personal level one of my proudest accomplishments while I was on City Council was the fight I put up to get our new Fire Station 1 built including the City’s own state of the art EOC.

The leadership of these two men and their staff will play a huge part in the successful
handling of the COVID-19 dilemma. I’m a member of that task force and look forward to the solving of this unprecedented crisis. It’s time for us to draw together again and work towards one common goal. Keeping our citizens safe.

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