Mayor Bill with the Mayor’s Corner

Mayor Bill Barnett

As is my custom today is March 15, 2020. Although I have been at the helm during Hurricanes Wilma, Charlie, and Irma, I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed what we have going on around the world and in Naples, Florida AKA Coronavirus COVID-19.

Never mind that we are in the middle of a banner season in Naples, beautiful weather, and all the things that make Naples so special are in full bloom. In addition, the Mayor – Council election is 3 days away. Naples as always is prepared and as Mayor I will do my utmost to make sure there is daily communication from City Hall to all of our residents.  Best way to get the latest is by using our City Website at

Now I’ll tell you what I’m not prepared for. During Hurricane Irma a few years ago, we put ourselves back together in record time. Other than the issues we had with FPL it was an amazing sight to see and for me to be a part of. Stores were restocked, and life became somewhat normal. I’m not making light of the event; it was scary, and we were lucky!

But now, a phenomenon is happening that there is no answer for, at least not at this moment as I write this article. Hoarding toilet paper for no apparent reason has all of us totally confused. Now I can understand if this were a special commodity that had a tremendous value, but hey it’s just toilet paper and it is now being rationed out because as soon as it hits the shelves in the grocery store hordes of people descend like vultures and empty them in a matter of minutes. It is frustrating and when and if I find the answer, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I have been going to Publix every morning at 7:00am with the hope that a delivery was made, but so far, no luck. I did find some at Wynn’s Market today so I’m good for a while! This virus has us all on edge and we are doing the best we can to follow the guidelines that are being set on an almost daily basis to keep us safe and healthy. I do not feel any sense of panic and would hope that when you read this article, we will have answers that we don’t have today, and we are on the way to eradicating this nasty virus.
Meanwhile drink lots of water, wash your hands every chance you get, and be thankful we live in Naples, Florida!
Mayor Bill

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