A Fantastic Season

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

We’ve heard it from other business owners around town that this season has been fantastic — we agree! From restaurants, specialty shops, and grocery stores to every shopping center, locals seem to be particularly happy with our seasonal residents and their spending trends.

Even when visiting Costco first thing in the morning, they’re already brimming with customers.

Just as retailers are busy, so are we. This season we added a Citation II jet to accommodate our growing business. Our new jet can seat seven
passengers with light luggage and has a range of 1,500 miles. We can easily get passengers to those chilly destinations up North without delay. From Chicago to Baltimore and everywhere in between, our pilots are getting to experience some chilly winter weather knowing that they will be heading back to sunny Florida on their return.

Snowbirds will begin heading North this month and next. Our charter services will help them get back to their summer homes or permanent residences in comfort and style. Some clients ask if we can match them up with other people traveling to the same destination, for instance New York metro area or other large cities.

My answer is, while we don’t coordinate client trips to fill their empty seats, we do suggest that they ask friends and acquaintances if they might like to share a ride. When passengers share a plane, it’s still considered a charter — the advantage is that they share the cost of the plane. For example, we have a firm trip booked on May 19 (+/-) from Naples to Boston that the client wants to share.

To handle our extra business, we’ve hired another highly experienced former United Airlines Captain, Hart Kelley. He has over 23,000 flight hours and brings his amphibian planes and helicopters rating to our team. He too, like the other members of our staff, is an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).

As we hope you can tell, we are very customer oriented and are here to help you with your flight needs. Whether flying up North or to the sunny Caribbean, we have dates and aircraft available. Fly our Citation II jet, Cheyenne III turbo prop, or our Piper Navajo – we’re happy to quote your next flight.

Thank you snowbirds for the vibrancy you bring to our community!

Naples Air Inc. invites you to come meet our dedicated team!

Call 239.403.4838 for your tailored quote! www.naplesairinc.com.

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