Erick Carter

… the bobby pin invented in the 1920s by Luis Marcus. It gained its popularity post-World War I during the flapper era. The “bob” haircut was the rage. Husbands refused to let their wives cut their hair. In order to achieve the “bob” look while maintaining their long hair, Luis invented the bobby pin. The rest is history.

Like any hair product, such a simple item can be misused. What I have seen over my 25 years of experience as a stylist and educator and for the late and great Martin Parsons (he was, and
still is, considered one of the great up-style artists of all time) is the misuse of the bobby pin.

No – please do NOT open the pin with your teeth. That stretches the pin to have it hold more hair than it was designed to do at one time. The result will be that the hair will slip out. Instead, place the pin parallel to the floor, push the head down and push the pin up, following the shape of your head. Insert a second pin using the same technique. Cross the second pin over the first. The longer side of the pin should be against the scalp.

Practice, like you would with any new skill.

Practice makes perfect!

Check out those pictures from the flapper era with “short hair” that may just have been long hair pinned up. While doing the Charleston, it stayed simple by knowing how to use the bobby pin properly.

Stay safe. Practice up!

Erick Carter, Salon Zenergy

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