Hidden Gems

by Clay Cox Owner/President

I am the first person to shout from the heavens that white is still an excellent choice for your kitchen. As I’ve said multiple times before, white kitchens are in for keeps especially when you
live, like we do, near the water.

They lend themselves to the waterfront transitional clean lined look that has been prevalent since 2010 when the white kitchen came back in full force. However, it is certainly not the only choice and that’s fine since we are all our own people with our own personal tastes and desires.

The kitchen in the photo at the bottom of this article is an excellent example of a kitchen that used Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey as the prominent color with white tile accents and a black and stainless hood as a focal point which highlights the top-of-the-line gas range below it. Grey is another color that folks ask if it is still in style. The answer is simple. Grey is a neutral color and neutral colors will forever be a wise choice as they allow the owner to bring in the accent color(s) they love without the cabinet color overpowering those accents.

The design for this kitchen is well balanced and houses all the top-end appliances (covered in matching cabinet panels) that any homeowner could want. The island is ten feet long and could seat five people very comfortably. That said, the smaller photo has a hidden surprise that you can see “into”.

We built a room behind the kitchen which we call the pantry. It is hidden by a cabinet that looks like a tall storage cabinet but opens like a door for access to the pantry behind it. Inside there are countertops for all your small appliances allowing you to leave your kitchen tops clear of all that activity. In addition, the upper and lower cabinets that match the kitchen give the homeowner even more storage solutions.

Bottom line you can’t go wrong with a hidden gem in your kitchen

Enjoy your remodel!
Clay Cox

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