Your Publisher says Enough Already!

Reg Buxton Life in Naples Publisher

Naples Municipal Code section 36-93 is complicated, but generally states you cannot park on city easements, unless you fit under one of several very precise exceptions. The question has arisen how does an officer know there is a violation if he doesn’t know whether the owner gave permission? The answer is that it should be presumed there is a violation, which like any other violation can be rebutted, in this case, in the magistrate court, or can be voided at the police station by a letter from the owner. It is no different than any other parking ticket.
If the officer sees lines of cars along an entire block or grouped on the streets across from the beach blocks, or on the weekend on posted construction sites, the officer can safely assume  there was no permission.

Construction sites are a separate issue, but generally the permit requires a parking plan and some posted notification that parking is not permitted. Moreover, if the officer notices easement parking on a particular street, over a period of days that does not fit the exception of owner permission, because it exceeds the time limit
prescribed by the code even with owner’s permission, the officer can also assume there is a violation. This is often a special problem with rentals where renters often invite multiple guests who park on the easements and the property lawns. This turns a residential neighborhood into transient living.

Naples City Residents should receive the highest priority in terms of every decision made. It is a fact that the population of the county and the number of tourists visiting will exponentially grow in the coming years. This will add more and more pressure on Naples parking for beach access. It is also a fact that visitors from the East Coast
find it easier and safer to come to Naples for the day than attempt to get to the beaches in their own cities.

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