Young Naples Entrepreneur Expands into Luxury Garage & Home Services

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions was founded in 2020 by young Naples entrepreneur Brennen Seaman as a spin-off from Seaman’s already successful business, Detailers of Naples.

Detailers of Naples launched in 2014 when then 16-year old Brennen had a vision to bring high-end automobile detailing services to the luxury car lovers of the Naples community. Brennen’s business started by offering white-glove detailing, restoring, and maintaining services on luxurious vehicles.

As clientele grew and he started servicing more customers in their homes, Brennen uncovered a demand for luxury garage and home solutions. He quickly realized that his clients who preferred private, exclusive vehicle services also wanted the same luxurious, white-glove services for their spacious garages, exteriors, driveways, and entertaining areas of their homes.

In response to this demand, Brennen launched Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions with help from Naples based venture capital firm, Accanito Capital Group. Brennen partnered with local businessman, Alan Forbus, who brought thirty years’ experience in high-growth company operations and specific expertise in luxury facility building and maintenance. Together they made the perfect team and their new business quickly took off.

Blue Diamond has grown to be the most trusted source in the Southwest Florida region for unique and custom garage solutions, makeovers, and home services. Blue Diamond services the homeowner who is obsessed with their high-end automobiles and wants to have the ultimate garage experience within their own home.

Aside from financial support, Accanito Capital Group stepped in behind the Blue Diamond team to provide mentorship and human capital; allowing Blue Diamond to navigate around the complex issues that typically keep small businesses from the next step of growth.

Blue Diamond’s offerings include floor coatings, interlocking tiles, custom garage cabinets, wall storage, car lifts, and so much more. Blue Diamond works hard to turn these garage spaces in client’s homes into beautiful, tasteful spaces; curated with meticulous attention to detail. Their team even offers LED lighting makeovers and maintenance packages to keep your home always looking its best.

Blue Diamond credits their success to their growth strategy based on the art of relationship building. They believe that connecting with people and following that connection by amazing service and always giving more than is expected is the most important part of business. It is always their goal to create win-win relationships with the people they work with – which is truly a philosophy to admire.

If you are in search of luxury garage and home solutions, look no further. Blue Diamond Garage& Home Solutions is the team for you. Brennen and Alan put their hearts and souls into their work and client relationships. They understand that many automobiles represent a significant investment, and they want to help you create your unique, luxury space to match.

Visit to check out their full list of services and book your free consultation today.

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