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Diana Jarrettby Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Fancy colored diamonds are increasingly  popular now for both bridal jewelry  and simply for those to whom over the top luxe is the thing to have.

Fancy colors when referred to diamonds  simply means that the diamond has a distinct and attractive body color. Best part is these  tints are completely natural. All fancy color  diamonds came from the ground with its  gorgeous tint. And they are exceedingly  uncommon finds.


To put their rarity into context, consider  that only 1 of every 10,000 carats of  diamonds mined is a fancy colored diamond.  And yellow fancies are leading the trend in  this colorful diamond category. They have  been more readily understood by jewelry aficionados than other diamond colors.  Industry prognosticators claim that fancy yellows make up as much as 60% of the colored diamond niche.

Fancy yellows have been known to  consumers perhaps longer than other colored diamonds, so they have earned the charming moniker of Canary Diamond. It’s not an official description within the trade however. But it’s evocative and an instantly  recognizable name for such a pretty stone.

yellow diamondREADY FOR YOUR CLOSE-UP?

Because they are such stand-out gemstones, it’s no surprise to learn that many celebrities have chosen fancy yellow diamonds for their engagement or wedding rings. Jennifer Lopez received an 8 carat dazzler from her then husband after the birth of their twins. Singer Kelly Clarkson warbled over a stunning canary diamond at her engagement. And Paris Hilton, whose own engagements seem to have a short shelf life nonetheless waved tootle-oo with her $5 million dollar yellow trophy ring.

No matter how much the buying public is acclimating to fancy colored diamonds, they’ll continue to be regarded as an ultra-riche item, even for those who avidly collect diamonds. Florida-based jewelry appraiser and diamond expert Art Samuels sees the psychology behind this mindset. “Clearly, even if you feel that a white diamond ring were a necessary purchase for the engagement, a yellow diamond is considered as much more of a luxury accessory.”


Naples women are known to be tastemakers and these delicate lemon-hued diamonds are a perfect fit for their personal expression. Fortunately Provident Jewelers right here in our neighborhood will help the stylish lady find exactly the sunny stone that speaks to her.

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