WILLIAM BOYAJIAN the original Renaissance Man

Well known in Naples as a third generation jeweler, a master of fine art and design and owner of Port Royal Jewelers. William is also known to be passionate about what he does and yes, we could say an all-round perfectionist. His father Leo was the first person to offer fine jewelry and jewelry /goldsmith repair and custom design to Naples, which was formerly called Landmark Gems. The family business was and is important to William, especially to honor the wishes of his family in continuing Jewelers Art in Design. His goal was to bring his father’s initial investment to a higher art form along with the technical sophistication to Naples. Goal achieved and job well done, but there’s more.

World travel is life enriching and energizing for William and his interests vary from the tranquility of the British Isles to the nonstop action of Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and mainland China. His beloved father sparked the “travel bug” and it continues until this day. Ireland with its natural beauty in particular is just “home” and Abu Dhabi since it was a destination for he and his father at an early age. William’s interests are varied with a focus on healthy living. Relaxation for some of us might be a comfortable chair and a book, but his choices are scuba diving, physical training, kayaking, hiking/camping and even woodworking. If there is any spare time away from work, he enjoys helping the Conservancy and belongs to the

Conservancy of Southwest Florida.
William’s relationship with both parents, Leo now deceased and his mother Sunday, was a very special bond, and gave him a solid foundation for life. His mother emphasized that “wisdom is honoring your true wealth and to willingly touch the world with your time, talent and treasure.” His father was a role model and a true inspiration on how life should be lived. “Being appreciative every day for God’s gift of love in his life through prayer, showing obedience to the truth.” William believes that in life that “the most important thing is to follow the spirit consciousness that was given to all of us by God and to use our imaginations to devise solutions for a better world for everyone.”
As if William wasn’t well rounded enough, he is now studying for the Ministry and will pursue a Masters of Theology. This man is unstoppable, creative in the arts, master of fine jewelry, gemologist, action hero, and interested in others in a deep and profound way.
You know his beautiful work and his philanthropic heart, now get to know HIM! Quite a man, thank you William for your contribution to Naples.
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