Why Private Security is so necessary in Naples, FL ?

Ensuring the safety and security of you, your family, assets, home/property, business, and marinas is essential. That is why you need to hire International Protection Service, Inc. (IPS), an Armed, Proactive, Premier and Private Security firm that provides top-quality protection services to its clients.

As a private security and investigations firm providing service to both residential, commercial and marina clients, including the 24/7 patrol and response, IPS is crucial to the safety of our lives.

People tend to feel “safe” in Naples, and in their gated communities. They forget that the professional or novice criminal is always watching and waiting for the right moment to breach the threshold of your home, business or marina, and infiltrate to take what they will.

IPS has highly trained, professional, armed private security officers in marked vehicles to patrol your residential, business and marinas – including VIP executive protection – and is prepared to absolutely mitigate and deter those situations.

Unlike other security companies, IPS takes a different approach by being a fully proactive force, not just reactive. You will both see and feel the IPS presence daily on your property. IPS provides multilayer security with a tailored, catered and concierge security solutions to meet your individual needs. The more homes in your neighborhood that hire IPS, the better the safety net that is put around those neighborhoods.

With the increase in crime and attacks, itis easy to see why more individuals are turning toward private security protection. IPS sets the Gold Standard and ensures significant “Peace of Mind”, as well as a safe, secure and danger free environment to all its clients delivered by the most highly trained, proactive, armed and experienced officers. Sign up with IPS today!


Bob Crown, Port Royal, Naples Resident

“Safety and security for myself and my family is something that is very important to me. That is why I signed up for IPS, a private security company second to none. Having highly trained officers securing and protecting my home in invaluable, and it’s comforting to know they are patrolling my property, or very close should there be a situation or suspicious activity. I would highly recommend IPS to all my family and friends.”

Edgar Alhaji, Naples Resident

“My family has used IPS service for over a year, PRICELESS is the only word that can describe the unmatched service and protection for my family and our home. Living on the water in Naples, IPS provides water boat surveillance of our home as well as being parked in front of our home to deter any possible unwanted incidents. I would recommend IPS to anyone that simply wants peace of mind while enjoying their life in Naples. Unmatched security and professionalism at its best, Thank You IPS for providing my family peace of mind.”

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