Who is that behind the camera?

We’ve talked to them at events, we know their faces, we’ve seen their work, now get to know the photographers that make us look so good. Each one has a different background, varied interests but the commonality is the love of the art of photography. Here are their stories:


Originally raised in Oregon, then moving to Nashville where I spent 25years as an artist manager and sound engineer working with award winning artists. As of 2015 I split time between Naples, Nashville, and Europe as a professional photographer. My wife and I love to travel, where we immerse ourselves and photographically capture other cultures.

I developed an interest in photography between the ages of 10to 12. Growing up in the picturesque Pacific Northwest I found my passion for landscape photography. I love the diversity that I’m able to implement in my photography throughout the year: landscape/travel, events/concerts, portraits, architecture/automobiles and food photography.

One thing I really enjoy about my work is the variety of opportunities that I have. My main work is European travel and landscape photography, but along with that I teach photography and lead workshops in Paris, Tuscany, Provence and England.During the winter season in Naples I teach, as well as shoot events, portraits (family or corporate), concerts, along with other commission work.

My catalogue of over 10,000 images are regularly published by National Geographic, The Smithsonian, Conde Nast Traveler, Ford Automotive, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Microsoft, Bing, Google, London Times, New York Times, USA Today, calendars, etc… My photography is also available in galleries, online and through several agencies worldwide.

One of the most challenging days was when my wife and I first arrived in Positano, Italy for a shoot only to watch my tripod drive off in the bus we had just exited. To make a long story short; with the help of the amazing locals and a lengthy run we were able to recover it… the shoot was back on!

Brian can be contacted at brian@brianjannsen.com or www.brianjannsen.com


Originally from Ontario, Canada I live in Naples most of the year but do return to Canada in the summer to visit family and enjoy the change of pace. I lived in Europe for three years as a teenager and have traveled to 35 different countries. These travels have shaped my appreciation of art, landscapes and culture. My favorite city is definitely Paris.

Although I was published 30 years ago in national magazines in Canada my real interest was ignited when digital came along about 15 years ago. My photography specialty is marketing, head shots and events.

My favorite shoot was working with Billy Joel because he was very approachable and fun in the personal shoot back stage and then I was allowed to shoot his concert pretty much from whatever vantage point I wanted which allowed for some amazing shots.

Other favorite shoot was working with George and Laura Bush at Sea Island in Georgia. Certainly the most challenging was working over on the east coast of Florida setting up and photographing 450 people for a formal portrait in a stadium.

Charlie can be contacted at: info@charliemcdonaldphotography.com or by calling 239.370.0559


I was born and raised in Summit, New Jersey but most of my adult years were lived in Northern California and here in Naples. I have always valued “giving back” since it is a wonderful personal journey of ‘feel good!’

The Naples community has supported my work for many years, and I have come to know a lot of terrifically caring people and organizations via my profession as a photographer for the Naples social scene of philanthropic galas and other celebrations.

I’m continuously compelled to translate and trust what I see and find a way to tell the story through photography. Over the years, what makes sense to me is in the giving of my photography to an organization which speaks to my heart. There is no greater joy than to give.

As there are several photographers (famous or otherwise) for inspiration in lighting and style, there is but one who stands out, and has always had a camera on me and in front of me since the day I was born.

My father’s photographs of me and my sisters are from an era when candid pictures told the story more than words.

Pictures, home movies and drawing were happening every day. We are a family of artists. Aside from his professional business as an architectural renderer, my father’s photography is my inspiration, how it all began for me, and the training for my ‘Eye’ to observe life surroundings.

I’m one of those photographer’s who does not stop ‘seeing’ and‘noticing’ the world around me. Special occasion photography and capturing families on or off a sandy beach is my dream job and I feel extremely blessed;  “Making Every Moment Count.”

Contact Lane at: LANE@WLWPHOTOGRAPHY.COM or 239.822.8704


I am a Florida native and enjoy being outside and active. I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. I’ve gone to Colombia a lot in the past year and they have a sort of visual and sensory feeling that is incredible.

Every time I go somewhere new I feel like I have new eyes and can’t wait to document.

New York City is always enchanting – photo opportunities at every turn. And I LOVE food. My next destinations are Peru, Paris and another road trip across the United States.

My interest in photography stemmed from my grandparents -they shot Leica film and had a dark room in their house. They also had a huge collection of National Geographic magazines in their library and I used to comb over them, fantasizing about becoming a photographer and traveling the world, documenting strange and fascinating cultures.

On a trip to Germany, my grandparents also helped me to get my first camera, a digital Leica and I was completely hooked. It wasn’t too soon after that when I graduated college, I discovered the Santa Fe Workshops in New Mexico and took a creative photography course with Doug Beasley and my photographic eye was forever changed. I came back home and haven’t put the camera down since.

My photography specialty is hotel and resort marketing photography. Signature shots that involve staging and composite lighting techniques. i.e. I just worked with LaPlaya Beach Resort on all their renovation photography and also work with the Noble house collection of properties across Florida. I also love photojournalistic assignments where I can capture the event or people creatively.

One of my favorite or most challenging shoot was working the Town Hall Series. I had just started working with them and their major headline speaker was Anderson Cooper. It was my first big celebrity shoot and the pressure was intense but I loved it.

Having time constraints and a limited window of time with a person makes you very aware of your shots – you have to plan and be direct, yet at the same time take advantage of every candid moment because it could be the magic shot and you’ll never be able to go back.

Contact Reagan at: www.reaganrule.com


I am originally from South Lyon,Michigan a small town located near Ann Arbor. I love to garden and have over 100 orchids in my collection. Love cats, muscle cars and amateur radio.

Like most other photographers, I started at a young age (14). I learned my craft on film and paper and not like these kids’ today with their new-fangled digital cameras. Secretly though, I love my digital cameras. The work that I most enjoy in photography is architecture, interiors design, real estate, event and head shots.

My favorite genre is, by far, architectural. It is quite a challenge to not only photographically represent what the architect and designer have created, but to compress thousands of square feet into a few digital frames- lit and exposed correctly and creatively.

Tim can be contacted at: tGibbonsPhotography@hotmail.com or 239.287.7871


I am a New England native, born and raised in Bangor, Maine. I miss the traditional seasons but not the cold.

At the end of my 20 year marriage I decided that if I had to reinvent myself and start a new life, I was going to follow my passion, photography. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, Maddie age 20 and Maiya 14, this was unsettling and exciting at the same time. Follow your dreams and you will find happiness.

My interest in photography started when I was four and I spent countless hours perusing the pages of my father’s National Geographic magazines. I knew then that I wanted to travel and be a photographer.

I love the relationships I make with the people I photograph so I would have to say that any event is my specialty. There is a psychology and skill to running a room with hundreds of people and getting the shots you need. It’s not as simple as you may think.

My most challenging shoot is doing anything for the “first” time. Every shoot is different and this is what makes photography so exciting and unnerving at the same time. Learning to quiet your
self-doubt and focus on what you love has been the best thing that photography has taught me. Believe in yourself.

Vickie can be contacted at: Charlie McDonald Photography 239.370.0559 or info@charliemcdonaldphotography.com.

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