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Jewelry collectors are a varied bunch. People are drawn to gems and jewelry for myriad reasons. One thing they’ll agree on however— rarer  is better. That word rare however is bandied around in marketing sometimes to mean something people are clamoring for. But true rarity when it describes a gemstone means that there are very few of them. That can be the result of their disappearance over time owing to a geo-political occurrence. It often means there were very few of these ever discovered. And occasionally it can describe a precious stone with certain anomalies, or unexpected traits. That should taper the list down pretty far, right?

18K yellow gold ring featuring Zultanite Pink Sapphire and Diamond Courtesy Lance Fisher

Lately we are enjoying a rare gemstone that although having been a recent mid 20th century discovery has a lot of other qualities going for it that defines its rarity. Zultanite®, as a transparent colored gemstone comes from a single source in the Anatolian mountain region of Turkey. Yep, one source, and it’s tough to access to boot. Its unusual crystal structure means that almost 93 percent of the rough is lost during polishing. This truly  rare stone also shifts colors in different lighting situations.

18K Yellow Gold Earrings featuring Zultanite Vietnamese Ruby and Diamonds Courtesy Lance Fisher

Take Zultanite® from indoor incandescent lighting to natural outdoor light and watch the transformation. It may exhibit sparks of canary yellow, cognac pink, ginger, kiwi green, raspberry pink, rich champagne and sage green. Well, it didn’t take long for creative types to jump on this stone. Today’s innovative jewelry designers are unleashing their imagination with Zultanite®; pairing it with complementary colored stones and flaunting its dramatic vibe. As more jewelers include this rare treasure in their inventory, they give consumers the option of becoming a bonafide collector of rare gems. When it’s mined out, this stone will take its place in history.

Until then, savvy collectors will keep building a jewelry wardrobe with this chameleon-like beauty. When you’re craving something no one else has, consider real rare Zultanite®. You’re welcome.

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