What on Earth is There to Do by Karen Coney Coplin

On to 2022: 26 Ideas for Life in Naples

A is for Art: So many open air festivals! And so much time – 365 days stretch ahead. Visit locally owned galleries. Lighten and brighten your life and home with art. Check out UACollier.com for current local arts information and a calendar of upcoming events.

B is for Breakfast: In bed, at home, or hit the town. If it’s your day off, maybe brunch? My favorite breakfast: “Galley’s Greatest” at the Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe. With a side of cinnamon toast, just like Grandma Coney used to make.

C is for Coffee: Not just for breakfast anymore! Pick up a bag of beans at local Farmers’ Markets and coffeehouses after enjoying a hot cup or cold brew.

D is for Dog Park: Who let the dogs out? Take your pet to the dog park. One popular spot is located at 99 Riverside Circle, off Goodlette Road near Central Ave.

E is for Earth: April 22 is Earth Day. No need to wait till then. Take inspired action now to protect water quality and wildlife. Conservancy.org offers insight and ideas in support of the natural world around us.

F is for Friend: If you haven’t caught up with a loved one or old friend in a while, call, talk, or text. Make someone’s day with an unplanned “Hello, how have you been?”

G is for Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples: (Grand)kids of all ages will enjoy an outing to this world-class facility at 15080 Livingston Road. Go to CMON.org for the latest events including
the current exhibition “Hunt Slonem’s Zoo,” by this talented neoexpressionist American artist.

H is for Happy: Take a “me” day. Maybe write down that which makes you happy. Then do what you can to scratch some of those items off your list.

I is for Invent: Drive to Fort Myers the City of Palms and a visit to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates might be in order. These two fathers of invention loved the winter sunshine too.

J is for JetBlue Park: Baseball anyone? Spring training coming up! Yes, it’s “Fenway South.”

K is for Kids: Visit the Children’s Garden at Naples Botanical Garden. Naplesgarden.org for more info including about the “Stickwork” exhibit though January 9th. Sidenote: If your kids are “grown and flown,” call them – just because!

L is for Laughter: Did you know, on average, kids laugh more than 300 times a day ? Adults fall far short with fewer than 20 daily “ha ha” moments. Plenty of room for improvement. See a funny movie, share a joke, or find a video of animals doing silly things.

M is for Movement: It might be time for a power walk on the Greenway, or paddleboard to the open water. Or stretch the mind and body with a fitness class at the River Park Community Center.

N is for Naples Pier: Head to this iconic location to catch the glorious sunset and maybe the “green flash”.

O is for Opera: This season’s schedule is at Operanaples.org and, don’t forget to save the date for the March 10 – 13 festival “Under the Stars” at Baker Park.

P is for Play: Feeling theatrical? The Norris Center is home to Gulfshore Playhouse productions until its state-of-the-art facility opens. Gulfshoreplayhouse.org, the Sugden Community Theater (Naplesplayers.org) and TheatreZone present a variety of productions and offer season tickets too.

Q is for Quick Breather: Take a break at the Garden of Hope and Courage downtown. A favorite spot for reflection and inviting good thoughts. Gardenofhopeandcourage.org

R is for Restaurants: So many choices for every meal of the day; and happy hour too. Maybe make a “restaurant resolution” in the New Year and try a new dining spot each month.

S is for Splash: Get your H2O on! Slides and lazy rivers are among the water features found at many area hotels AND all this and more at the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon, a Collier County park. Napleswaterpark.com

T is for Time: It flies. Make it a priority to spend it with those you love and love you back.

U is for Understanding: Dare we dream? Maybe this is a year which will offer a chance to be closer to each other. How can we as individuals bridge this gap? I suggest kindness as a starting point and if reciprocated, let the ripple effect begin!

V is for von Liebig Art Center: See exhibits, take (or teach) a class; learn from a lecture. NaplesArt.org

W is Wine: The Naples Winter Wine Festival begins January 28th. The theme is “Rise Up: Twenty Twenty Twogether.” This popular and successful charitable endeavor is back as an in-person
event dedicated to the support of numerous local non-profits, all providing additional resources and services to children in need.

X is for Kisses (and hugs): Don’t let a day pass without bestowing some affection on your loved ones. Pets, too.

Y is for Young at Heart: Multiple studies have found that the activities and experiences which brought us happiness as children are likely to have the same effect on us, as adults. Give some thought recreating childhood pastimes in the present moment.

Z is for ZZZ: Naptime! Whether it is the power nap on stolen time or a cat nap induced by a great meal, consider adding some extra shut eye to your schedule. That, and a consistent bedtime plus
the same time to rise, will help you be focused, happier, and ready to take on 2022!

Karen Coney Coplin

Karen Coney Coplin can be reached at Napleskcc@gmail.com to share an idea for a future article or a comment. On Instagram, follow her adventures about Life in Naples: @Naplesbythenumbers


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