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Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

by Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

We are again in full swing in Southwest Florida and just want to take the opportunity to say, “Welcome Back Snowbirds and Visitors!” We’re excited to have you back with us. We, at Naples Air Inc. and Private Jets Inc., are dedicated to serving your air charter needs, for a planned trip or an unplanned one!

Whether you need to fly back to your home base for a few days, for the Holidays, an emergency, or fly family here for their much-anticipated warm weather vacation when the blustery snow falls, we can provide the perfect aircraft. We offer jets, turbo props, and piston aircraft for your convenience.

If a weekend getaway is in your plans, here are a few of the Florida and Bahamas destinations that make for a full day or multi-day trip:

  • St. Augustine is historical and interesting and is the oldest city in the US, and was “owned” by many countries before becoming part of our country. We can clue you in on why all of the windows in the oldest buildings are only six inches from the ground.
  • Key West is a only 100 miles directly south of Naples and only 39 minutes away by air! Find out why they allow chickens to roam free while enjoying restaurants and shopping. Lots to do here!
  • Titusville is home to the Space Center with tours and interesting exhibits for all those Space enthusiasts.
  • What restaurant north of Tampa won first place in the World Famous Soup Contest for their spicy Clam Chowder? We can take you there and share the answer.
  • Bahamas, say no more. When fishing is your passion, this is ‘THE’ place to cast your line. With literally hundreds of islands, some less than one hour away, you’ll find relaxation, gambling, nightlife, romantic deserted pink sandy beaches, and fresh fish caught the day it’s served! There are 20 airports of entry, where we clear Bahamian customs, and another 20 with airfields long enough for us to land. We make it easy!

Call us for all of your air charter needs! Flights to and from the North and the Midwest, and everywhere in between; or for emergencies, planned vacations and day trips — we are here to serve!

Naples Air Inc. and Private Jets Inc. may be reached at 239.403.4838 or by visiting www.NaplesAirInc.com and Facebook/NaplesAirInc.

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