by Clay Cox Owner/President

I am writing today to address the kitchen trends and styles that will be here for a while longer and others that will not.

As you may imagine it is important for us to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. I get much of this information from the actual experiences we have with the dozens of new kitchens we install every year. Other information comes from various articles I’ve read and made note of for this article.

Below you will see a statement made by others and my response will follow.

“All white kitchens are going out of style.” My experience tells me this is not the case. We are designing primarily white kitchens for the many homes that we will install next year. And, as I have said many times in the past it is a lifelong color choice.

How people accent the white gives the kitchen its personality and individuality that the homeowners desire.

“Open shelving is a thing of the past.”

Yes. Open shelving requests never really got up to speed and are now fading almost completely from the kitchen scene.

“Waterfall island designs are not going to be around much longer.”

Yes. We are fielding far fewer requests for this item. In my opinion they are the centerpiece of most kitchens and tend to create a very heavy look to any kitchen.

“Granite counter tops, although very popular in the past, are no longer a desired item.”

Hogwash. Granite is still very much desired in most homes. Granted, Quartz and Quartzite are popular as well, but granite still has its share of sales.

“Huge range hoods are out of style.”

Not true. It is true that we rarely do the huge hearth style that sometimes sits on the counter tops, but we have done stainless steel structures up to and exceeding six feet wide. Your kitchen size and design preferences along with guidance from your kitchen designer will tell you which way to go.

We at Kitchens by Clay wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and blessed New Year.

Enjoy your remodel!

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