Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Advertorial by Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

Here’s mine – My parents had seven kids. Dad workedat State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, Illinois, and money was tight, although we kids never knew.

The highlight of every summer was going on vacation. Mom and Dad always made SURE we went somewhere fun! Mom made sandwiches, with fruit and cookies for our picnic lunches. She had a cooler with milk and juice, and a toaster, bread and cereal, which was enjoyed in our hotel room.

They knew how to save money and still show us a great time!

With six kids in a 1963 Ford station wagon (third seat faced backward and if I rode on it, I threw up) in 1966, we headed off to Michigan. We spent the first afternoon at the sand dunes running around and playing on the beaches.

Can you imagine six wild kids and my parents trying to keep track of us?

The first night, Dad stopped at a Holiday Inn to register, then came out and drove away. Mom asked him where he was going.

“They saw the six kids, and they don’t allow eight people to share a room.”

My mom was horrified and said, “Paul, what are we going to do? We can’t afford two rooms every night for a week!”

Calmly my Dad replied, “Don’t worry Suzie, there’s another Holiday Inn three miles up the road.”

When we got there, he looked back at the girls and said, “You three duck down.”

My mom was even more horrified. My sisters and I still laugh about that today.

We spent two glorious days at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, with its interesting collections of every Ford car model manufactured, the limo President Kennedy was shot in, inventions, costumes, airplanes and thousands of square feet of pure magic!

We toured the Kellogg’s Cereal factory in Battle Creek actually experiencing the concocting of the cereals, walking the factory amidst the vats of cereal — the overriding aroma of Fruit Loops permeated our clothes! All eight of us got our own six-pack of single serving cereals!

Fun, fun times; you can experience a fabulous vacation this year and make your own memories that last a lifetime. Call Naples AirInc. for vacation ideas and quotes.“

Where can we fly you today?” ™


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