Reg Buxton

May, June and July are favorite months for those of us that live in Naples full-time. Yes, the traffic is lighter, it is easier to obtain a  restaurant reservation, summer weather is not yet as hot as it will be, and generally just a more relaxed feeling. We usually end the season by saying “Now next year I am not going to be so involved and stay home more.” Of course our schedule just repeats itself in spite of what we commit to change, why, well we actually enjoy it.

I encourage you to read columnist Phil Fisher’s “Art after Dark,” he provides insight into several ways to enjoy yourself along with things to do in May. Claudia Polzin also offers us a plethora of information on what to do and where to go all over Naples, so don’t miss her article. Don’t forget “Stay in May” music for everyone from Classical to Pops. Take advantage of these opportunities as this is “our season.” I would be remiss not to acknowledge May is designated National Military Appreciation Month. We can never be done honoring and thanking these men and women. Their bravery in one day is more than most of us experience in a lifetime.

Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June are times to recognize those who have been role models and made a difference in our lives. Mother and Father figures may not even be biological, but our relationship with them has none the less been impactful.

Yes, let’s talk about July. Okay, so the heat index is a little higher and we may move a little slower, but there is still the parade. If you haven’t been in downtown Naples to experience the 4th of July parade well then get your red, white and blue on and go this year. See you there!


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