The worlds most popular medical mystery author, Robin Cook

by Kelly Merritt



Imagine Solutions has a history of bringing cutting edge topics to the forefront in Naples. Conference organizers have tipped the scales in the search for solutions to the world’s most challenging problems, one of which is the future of healthcare.

This year, ticketholders will have a seat at an unprecedented roundtable of the chief executive officers from three of the world’s top hospitals who will discuss the future of healthcare. Another session will feature the founder of the medical thriller genre, Dr. Robin Cook.

Among these distinguished participants include the chief executive officers of the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and New York Presbyterian hospitals. Dr. John Noseworthy of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Paul Rothman of Johns Hopkins Medical and Dr. Steven Corwin of NY-Presbyterian will discuss the ‘unparalleled force to change’ predicted by the American Hospital Association that hospitals and health care providers will have to undergo.

Pressure to provide care in a changing medical landscape, volume to value based payments and how everyone will be impacted are just a few of the discussion topics they’ll cover, including what all Americans need to know about the continuum of care in quality, availability and affordability.

Johns Hopkins is the largest research funded medical center in the world. The Mayo Clinic is the first and largest integrated, notfor-profit group practice in the world. In 2013 alone New York Presbyterian Hospital had more than two million inpatient and outpatient visits and more than 300,000 visits to its emergency departments. To say these physicians understand what’s to come in healthcare is a vast understatement.

“This is a breakthrough session with all three chief executive officers,” said Imagine Solutions CEO Randy Antik. “Seldom, if ever, do three top CEOs of the best hospitals get on stage together.”







Ticketholders are also excited about the session featuring author and medical doctor Robin Cook. Who can forget the scenes from Dr. Cook’s iconic film “Coma” or any one of his 33 books or nearly a dozen films. Dr. Cook’s body of work includes “Shock,” “Seizure,” “Toxin,” “Vector,” “Chromosome 6,” “Fatal Cure,” “Marker,” “Nano” and “Cell” within the 100 million copies of books he has sold.

The path Dr. Cook took to become a mega-bestselling author has evolved over decades. During medical school at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons Dr. Cook
ran a blood/gas chemistry laboratory in support of the cardiac surgery team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and was later invited to use summer electives to set up a similar blood/gas lab for the Jacques Cousteau Oceanographic Institute in Monaco. After residency he was drafted into the Navy and attended submarine school and navy diving school. As part of Deep Submergence Systems Project (Sea Lab) he trained as a Navy aquanaut medical officer, participating in research diving.

He published his first book: “A Medical Watch Standers Guide to Saturation Diving.” Those passions, intertwined in literature and medicine, were furthered after he completed military service as a Lieutenant Commander and undertook a second residency in ophthalmology at Harvard.

He wrote his first novel “The Year of the Intern” underwater while on board the nuclear submarine, Kamehameha. Five years later “Coma” took the world by storm and the film became an instant classic – birthing the medical thriller genre. Dr. Cook’s books have always commanded readers to intersect between literature and medical public policy issues. His books and films are timeless because the undercurrent of that motivation runs through them.

The presence of Dr. Robin Cook and the medical minds leading the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and New York Presbyterian add another layer of brilliance to this year’s theme Mindshifters at the Imagine Solutions 2015 conference.

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Tickets are on sale now.

February 23, 2015
8:45 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples
Tickets: $600
Scholarships for non-profit leaders are available for $300.
For more information, visit
or call 214-205-2274 or 214-215-6000.

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