The Winners Circle – Naples Style, August 2014

Sandra Lee BuxtonLate summer in Naples is a wonderful time to enjoy simple pleasures. A cool glass of lemonade, a day at the beach, seating in restaurants, balmy nights and more time with
friends. Perfection! The pace is different at this time of year but none the less still busy. Committee meetings have been in high gear for weeks in preparation for the late fall and winter balls, galas, and charity fundraisers. Thankfully hundreds of people consistently step forward wanting to be included in what Naples is noted for,  Volunteering”.

These unselfish acts make a difference beyond measure. Since this column usually focuses on a Naples “Winner” I thought that this month I would mention behaviors that constitute winners. Small acts of kindness and good judgment also fit into this category. Allow me to share a few:

  • A man in Starbucks ordering a coffee and paying for the next three people in line.
  • A women offering help to a mother with screaming children load groceries into her car in a Publix parking lot.
  • Parents instructing their young son to take his hat off during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.
  • The individual who stepped outside of a building to use the cell phone, keeping private conversation private.
  • Parents who recognize that protecting the eyes of their young children and infants with sunglasses is as important as protecting their own.
  • Friends dining in restaurants who maintain conversations at a lower volume and don’t infringe on the dining pleasure of those around them.
  • A couple leaving a tip for a pregnant waitress that was probably twice the cost of their meal.
  • A young girl handing a flower to a wounded Veteran

The list is actually endless and I feel it is important to note these simple acts of kindness, sensitivity, and sound judgment. With the world’s drastic changes and the constant drone of negativity on the news, it can easily pollute our own thinking until we see only the worst in others. While we can’t minimize the significance of tragedies let’s take a minute and seek out what is right. Make that difference yourself and be a Winner Naples Style.

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